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Will Nebraska Football Fans Miss Missouri? (The Rivalry Question In Disguise)

A while back there was a piece on one of the SB Nation Big 12 sites talking about Nebraska's relationships with it's Big 12 North opponents. Specifically, the piece addressed the fact that while Husker fans refuse to acknowledge anyone else besides Oklahoma as a rival, they certainly develop a hatred towards the teams that are having success against them.

That aptly describes Missouri, doesn't it?

Missouri has won four out of the last seven, two of the last three in blowouts, including the last in Lincoln, 52-17.

It is time to give the Tigers some due? Maybe admit that we'll miss playing them? Even call them a rival just one time before we play them for the last time as fellow members of the Big 12 and the old Big Eight, if for no other reason than to acknowledge a 95-game series dating back to 1900?

It's funny how the season has worked out so far. Nebraska wanted the Texas game to be such a big deal, while Missouri hid in the shadows. But here it is - the biggest game this season, a much bigger game than Texas, one that will most likely determine the winner of the Big 12 North.

I will miss playing Missouri. I wish they had gotten the invitation to the Big Ten, so we could have a least had one piece of tradition go with us. The Big Ten is all about those rivalry trophies, and the Nebraska - Missouri bell would have been a great fit.

I admit, though, it's easy to say this on Thursday. Ask me Sunday, and I might have a completely different opinion.