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Send Us Your Husker Halloween Pumpkins!

Halloween approaches, and I know that some of all y'all have been having fun with the pumpkin carving experience.

So far, I've received two such creations, and I'm sure there's got to be more out there. While I'm trying to prepare for the weekend ahead of time (and thus a little behind on content for today), I figured it'd be fun if we got as many as possible, so feel free to send us your Husker pumpkin carving creation, and we'll put it up here on display.

After the jump, so things load a little quicker.

From Derrek H, who writes:
I am a lifelong Husker fan, was born in Wood River, Nebraska (home of Scott Frost!) and lived there for awhile...currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.Am staying at my parents house in Kansas, and we all carved pumpkins yesterday.  Had this one burning bright last night to the chagrin of all the K-State neighbors.



From Tom P.
Blackshirts pumpkin I carved for my husband! -  Jen S.