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Corn Flakes: Fun with Stats!

YAY Statistics!  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
YAY Statistics! (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Well this maybe lies- damned lies and statistics edition of Corn Flakes.

Please remember that statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. ~ Aaron Levenstein.

A couple of numbers for you-

  • OU is ranked 91st in pass defense and 80th overall.

So Missouri should have been able to move the ball on them.

  • OSU is ranked 3rd (in the nation) on offense, and 2nd in scoring offense.

Nebraska giving up some lots of points and yards to OSU should have been expected.

  • Missouri ranks 32nd in total offense and 24th in scoring offense

Nebraska has faced the best offense they will see this season, and Nebraska outscored them. Nebraska has also faced the best Defense they will face in Texas (still #6 in total D) and had every opportunity to win that game. Missouri has yet to face a defense as good as Nebraska's, Illinois being the closest but with Nebraska having a way better pass defense. Nor have they played an offense as good as Nebraska's.

So while the win over OU was a good win for Missouri, This was not a powerhouse OU team of old, and this is the reason NU is favored by 8 in this game.

Here's another fun number for you- – The Official Website of NCAA Championships - Football

Passing efficiency @ #20 Taylor Martinez. He's also 9th nationally in rushing yards per game. In both stats, he's the highest ranked freshman.

Alright some non-bikini stat links after the jump. Oh and some of you outside fans that are "posting" yeah we read your comment the first time, no need to keep hammering your point, it's call ignoring you.

Shawn Watson doesn't dwell on recruiting, then losing, Gabbert brothers

Just stop. I don't care that the Gabberts committed and went to Missouri. They did what was best for them, and in the case of the younger Gabbert, it was a mutual cooling by him and the team. Stop pushing this angle.

Life in the Red's Blog | Receiver commits; running back next?

Aaron Green, the much-acclaimed running back from San Antonio, is going to announce his school of choice tomorrow night around 7 at his church. The brother of Husker defensive back Andrew Green, Aaron is picking between Nebraska, Texas, Florida State and Cal.

Nebraska a hotbed for offensive line talent - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Insert Corn-fed here.

Pelini tweaking Neb's routine before home games -

The home problem, statistical anomaly, or actual problem?

No. 7 Missouri moves on to new challenge -

"There will be some more distractions since we won that game, we expected that as a team," Gettis said. "It was a good win, but it's over with now and it's time to move on and get ready for Nebraska."

Easier said than done?

Life in the Red's Blog | Henery's wise decision

That fake punt Nebraska senior Alex Henery pulled off against Oklahoma State? That was his call. "It's just something I saw was open," he said Tuesday. "I felt like I could get it. I took the chance."

So good.

Better Off Red | Missouri Preview

Missouri despises us because they believe we are arrogant and detest our lack of respect for a recent history of absolute beat downs they have placed on us. We despise them because we are arrogant and detest getting beat by a team that we have historically owned. It is an often-humorous rivalry in which each school’s ironic go-to trash talk is redneck smack. A rivalry fueled by the mutually coveted recruiting areas of the KC and St. Louis metropolitan areas – and lately ignited by the defections of the two highly sought after quarterback recruits from the same family of Missouri Alumni.

Good summation.

Of Bloggers and Bias - Bring On The Cats

TB talk about professional journalists and bloggers, and somehow manages to sneak in a few shots at Nebraska fans.