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Cobs of the Week: The Big 12 South, Bob Stoops, Texas, and Justin Blackmon

Wow, later yet. Maybe we should move these up to Monday, so we get them out on a more timely basis. What you think?

There was a lot of suck this weekend, but very little of it was Nebraska's, so it was a great weekend.

Your first nomination for Cob of the Week is the suck that is the entire Big XII South. Texas Tech struggled to beat Colorado. Oklahoma and Texas both lost. And the biggest reason: Baylor is currently on top of that half the conference. After all those years of talking about how the Big XII North was an embarrassment, is this comeuppance?

How 'bout Bob Stoops punting on 4th and 10 when down two scores with 2:00 in the Missouri game? Not even trying to win the game for fear of another MIzzou TD considering they were on their own four yard line.

Then there's Texas. Everybody accused Nebraska of selling out for the Texas game, but now it really looks like it was Texas that sold out. Last year, Nebraska's loss to Iowa State had the excuse of eight turnovers. This one has no excuse, the Cyclones hit the Longhorns right in the mouth right from the start, and Texas wilted faster than a yellow rose in a can of Shiner.

Since we're so late, we have a late addition:

Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon, who decided to head down to Dallas last night to watch former teammate Dez Bryant play against the Cowboys. The Carrolton, TX police pulled Blackmon over at 3:45 am this morning for driving 92 in a 60 zone and then arrested him for suspicion of driving under the influence. Blackmon doesn't turn 21 until January.