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Nebraska Moves To #12 Coaches, #14 AP in the Polls

Nebraska moved up in both polls after beating Oklahoma State 51-41 to move to 6-1 on the season. The Huskers moved to #12 in the USA Today Coaches Poll, and #14 in the Media/AP Poll.

Missouri, the Huskers next opponent, remained undefeated after upsetting Oklahoma yesterday 36-27. The Tigers are ranked #8 in the Coaches Poll, and #7 in the AP.

Texas dropped from both polls after losing 28-21 to Iowa State at home. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

Baylor moved to 6-2 with a win over Kansas State 47-42, and into the rankings as they're 25th in the AP and 24th in the Coaches Poll.

Baylor leads the Big 12 South with a 3-1 record trailed by Oklahoma State at 2-1, while Missouri leads the Big 12 North at 3-0, trailed by Nebraska at 2-1.