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College Football Week 8 Predictions

Week 8 <<<<------ You Are Here. 

Me, I'm not there yet. Oh, I've put the past behind me, but I will take a break tonight, take Mrs Corn Nation out to eat and not think about football for a little while.

There's a lesson in not letting go of the past. It leads to destruction. Here - perhaps this will help you understand:


Wisconsin (+5.5) at Iowa

Matt:  I like Wisconsin to keep the momentum going and pull the minor upset here. Badgers   23   Iowa   21

Mike: Too much fun for the Badgers last week; Iowa makes ‘em pay.  Iowegia 27, Wiscy 14

Jon: It's at Iowa, otherwise I'd pick the Badgers. Ricky Stanzi still playing well, plus that Hawk defense equals Bucky loss. Iowa 24 Wisconsin 17

Kansas State (+6) at Baylor

Matt:  The spread seems way off to me as I believe Kansas State should be favored in this game.  Daniel Thomas will probably show up for this one, considering the level of competition. Wildcats    31       Bears    24

Mike:  Seems? This is one of many lines that don't make a lot of sense to me this week.  Wildcats 27, Bears 24

Jon: Maybe the oddsmakers figure that since Kansas State's defense had problems against Nebraska, they'll have the same problems with defending Robert Griffin III. Baylor is a fairly quiet 5-2, although they really haven't won against anybody special. Still, one more win, and they're bowl eligible. With Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Oklahoma left, they'd better get this win in now. Baylor 24, Kansas State 21

Texas Tech (-2.5) at Colorado

Matt:  The Red Raiders will show up to Folsom Field as the favorites but leave defeated.  I expect the Buffs to rebound after the coaching blunders against Baylor. Buffs  30    Tech   24

Mike: Sorry, I just don't see how a team like Texas Tech can lose to the Buffies.  Texas Tech 38, Colorado 16

Jon: One should watch this game not sober, but not completely inebriated, as it will no doubt stun you with it's display of mediocrity on both sides of the ball. Make fun of Dan Hawkins all you want, but his sentence is nearing it's end, while Tommy Tuberville's has only just begun. Who wins? Not America. Texas Tech 12, Colorado 8

Oklahoma (-3) at Missouri

Matt:  Blowout.  The Sooners shouldn't have much trouble with the Tigers in this on despite being on the road.  I expect this one to be over by halftime. Sooners   45     Tigers 21

Mike: Missouri fans have been feeling their oats the last week or so.  Welcome back to reality. Sooners 35, Tigers 14

Jon: It's in Nebraska's best interest for Oklahoma to win this one. Being a fool, I'm pulling for the upset. More on this tomorrow. Missouri 34, Oklahoma 31

Texas A&M (-13.5) at Kansas

Matt:  I don't know why I would think this, but Turner may have a little magic up his sleeve at home.  Granted he Jayhawks have typically looked awful this year, there were signs of life against Georgia Tech.  I think they muster up enough to beat Jerrod Johnson and the Aggies. Kansas   28      Aggies 27

Mike:  This game is on television. Turner and his squad have been browbeat this week as bad as they were the week after losing to North Dakota State. Remember what happened next? Jayhawks 28, Gaggies 20

Jon: Kansas is awful. They'll remain awful because Mark Mangino ate everything in sight and it will take at least two years to replenish it. Losing to this Aggie team is just another burden to bear in the long road back to respectability. Aggies 31 Gillhawks 14

Michigan State (-5.5) at Northwestern

Matt:  Northwestern has had two weeks to prepare for this one and Michigan State is bound to stumble somewhere on the schedule...Just not here. Sparty     38     Wildcats   28

Mike:  In this wild and wacky season, sometimes you just have to expect the unexpected.  NWU 27, MSU 21

Jon: For all the years they've suffered, Michigan State has built up much karma. They're using it up, though. MSU 27, NU 22

Penn State (-9.5) at Minnesota

Matt:  Penn State has not been Penn State this year but they are still good enough to beat the Goofs without much of a problem. Nittany Lions   24    Minnesota   13

Mike: Tim Brewster was fired, not Kevin Cosgrove.  Nittany Lions 31, Goofers 12

Jon: Believe it or not, Minnesota has had Penn State's number over the years, and this one is in Minnesota. Unfortunately, no one cares. Penn State 17 Minnesota 9

LSU (+6) at Auburn

Matt:  Les Miles may be the dumbest smart coach in the business.  He constantly puts his teams in awful positions with the same freakin result...Wins.  I think they roll into Auburn and shock some people with an inspired defensive effort that gets them the win.

Mike: All season long, LSU has cheated death...but Auburn is good....damn good.  I could cheat here and say "Tigers Win"...but I won't.   Auburn 34, LSU 24

Jon: Auburn's Cam Newton is a freak job, but LSU got here because of their defense, not because of their offense. Les Miles pulls out close games through channeling insanity. Gene Chizik pulls out close games as well. It's in Auburn, though. Home cookin' - Auburn 24 LSU 23  - Auburn scoring in the last minute on a LSU fake punt when the snap is knocked off course by a swooping bird that not's an eagle, and a Auburn Tiger who roots for War Eagles scoops up the ball and runs it part of the way until nearly tackled but laterals it back to another guy and then another and all this happens while an elephant looks on wondering what his fate will be in a short time.

Nebraska (-6) at Oklahoma State

Matt:  Bo Pelini typically gets his teams geared up after a loss.  I think the Huskers have probably done enough tackling drills that their heads are going to fall off following the disaster against Texas.  Taylor Martinez will find a lot more holes to run through against this porous Okie State defense and the Huskers will muster up enough to squeak by in Stillwater. Huskers     28      Okie State  21

Mike: Oklahoma State has the personnel to exploit the Blackshirts, but they don't have the defense to stop the Big Red.  This one is probably going to be high scoring.  Huskers 42, Cowboys 28

Jon: The Cowboys will get their points, but they'll work for them. Nebraska will get their points, but they'll not have to work as hard. That is the difference in the fourth quarter. Huskers 38, Cowboys 31