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Big 12 Flashbax Series: Oklahoma State

"Mamas...don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys.."

Classic song, but I'd really be okay with being a cowboy. Sometimes I wish I could retire, and be a Cowboy. Actually... I just hope at some point I can retire.

I've been to a few OSU games in Lincoln during the 80s, and I've seen the 'Pokes in Stillwater during the 90s as well. But I've never seen a great game between these two teams in the Big 12 era. To be honest...I'm never overly excited when we get a chance to play these guys. It just seemes like there's never much at stake when we play OSU. 

To be fair, we've had a few good ones.  I'm just still in a funk from that game against the team with a cow for a mascot. (Don't say the "T" word) , and I'm not ready to wax historical about yet another orange-colored team from the south that's had our number for most of this decade.

I'll need everyone's help this week. Bring out your best memory from the B12 era versus the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and let us know what player/coach you loved and hated over that span.

My game pick, after the jump.

October 3rd, 1998 - Nebraska 24  Oklahoma State 17

 I had a buddy from Omaha who graduated from OSU in 1999, and so a few of us went down to visit one fall. Funny thing was, he was trying to get me to enroll (he hated Nebraska, despite being born there. WTF?). Neat campus, and a pretty decent town. The weird part was that I ended up in Stillwater, watching OSU play Nebraska , which took place in Kansas City during the '98 season. Got that?

 He gave me the grand tour of the town that day,complete with a stop at Garth Brooks home. I'm not really a Garth Brooks fan, but he was pretty big in 1998 and my pal seemed rather proud of it. I remember seeing the football stadium, and thinking it wasn't much bigger than my high school stadium back home at Omaha Northwest. I heard that Pickens guy has made some changes since then.

 Later we met up with some friends at Eskimo Joe's restaraunt, and picked a good seat to watch the game. Cold beer and good friends will often times make for a good night, regardless of who wins, and so I found myself around a big table with a handful of OSU students, eating, drinking, and talking football. They knew I was a Husker, and they knew the havoc that we'd been wreaking over the previous 3-4 years. But they were pretty good about it since I didn't come into their bar dressed as an obnoxious NU fan. I think they even bought me an Eskimo Joe's sweatshirt just to say thanks. Score! After a boring first half, we let the beer do the thinking, and left to find out where the girls might be around campus.

I missed this, as a result....


 I had to crawl into my buddies couch late that night and catch the highlights on ESPN. Bummer for me, but even more for my new Cowboy friends. I would attend a few OSU basketball games courtside that winter, thanks to my pal who roomed with one of the players his freshman year. Thinking back, it actually started a habit I seem to have with watching Nebraska games with opposing fans. Good times, that year....maybe I'll go back someday and see how that stadium turned out.

I never took a liking -or really hated any Cowboy players over the last 15 years, mainly for the reasons I already stated above. Just wasn't a big deal..the games between us.

Who do you recall? Any games you've been to, or just have fond memories of? Post 'em!