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Cobs of the Week: Husker Receivers, Kansas, Texas A&M, Ohio State, and Dan "DXP" Hawkins

Well, it's another late run for this week's Cob nominees. This week, we've got quite a few candidates to work with, starting with our own.

Nebraska Receivers Ted Gilmore suggests that Nebraska left five touchdowns on the field with drops. The more I think about this game, if receivers catch half of the passes they drop, not only does Nebraska beat the Longhorns, I think they likely cover the spread as well, since it would also loosen up the 'Horns defense.

Kansas Two weeks to prepare for your in-state rival...and you lose 59-6???

Texas A&M Nine points against Missouri, who played without Aldon Smith?

Ohio State Well, you used to be undefeated, didn't you?

Dan Hawkins I wasn't going to include Colorado initially, until I read this little tidbit. Our favorite coach that nobody can afford to buy out decided to go for two after Colorado's first two touchdowns, and the Puffs being what they are, they failed both times. On Colorado's final score of the game, they could only kick the extra point to pull within a field goal of Baylor. If they had kicked the extra points, chances are they would have had a chance to tie the game at that point.