Oklahoma State's Passing Offense Will Get Shut Down This Week

I've already seen quite a few articles about how Oklahoma State has a prolific passing offense that will not only challenge Nebraska's 1st ranked passing defense, but could succeed.

Don't get me wrong, Oklahoma State can pass the ball well, and their numbers are pretty impressive...but they haven't faced a defensive secondary that's even close to as good as Nebraska's.  Here is the list of the opponents they've played and the rank of their passing defense.  It's pretty incredible.

Washington State 102nd
Troy 109th
Tulsa 120th!!! (dead last)
Texas A&M 101st
Louisiana-Lafayette 113st
Texas Tech 117th

Granted these teams ranking is hurt a bit by their poor performance against Oklahoma State, but we are 7 weeks into the now if these teams had a good passing defense their average would be much better than it is.  

Now the question is whether or not Nebraska's 1st ranking passing defense is legitimate or not...

Western Kentucky 105
Idaho 4th
Washington 49th
Kansas State 102nd
Texas 74th

With the exception of Idaho, we haven't really played any great passing offenses either, but still overall the quality of opponents Nebraska has played to earn their top rated passing defense is much better than the quality of opponents Oklahoma State has played to earn their 3rd ranked passing offense.  I also would like to point out that in games against teams that are known for passing, Nebraska's pass defense has played it's best. Nathan Enderle threw 5 interceptions, Jake Locker threw a couple of interceptions and went 4 for 20 passing, and Garrett Gilbert went 4 of 16 passing.  

Nebraska shouldn't have much trouble shutting down Oklahoma State's passing game.  Their best receiver (Justin Blackmon) will be on Amukamara Island all day (yes, I am comparing Amukamara's coverage with that of Darrelle Revis).  The only problem with Oklahoma State is that we've got to worry about Kendall Hunter as well, one of the top rushers in the Big 12.  I think Oklahoma State will score between 20-30 points on the blackshirts, but luckily they don't have a very good defense to go with their potent offense. If our offense plays mistake free, we should be able to outscore them.

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