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Nebraska vs Texas in Photos

Once again, pro photographer Dennis Hubbard provides us with some excellent photos of an otherwise dreary game. 

lavonte david
Lavonte David - the surprise player of the year so far? 
baker steinkuhler
Baker Steinkuhler - playing well given his age and the fact that he's a first-year starter. 
jared crick
Jared Crick - I hate to say this, but Crick hasn't played like a pre-season All-America candidate this year. 
roy helu
Roy Helu Jr
taylor martinez
Taylor Martinez - benched in favor of Zac Lee, did you think this was fair to Martinez? 
husker cheerleader
Always perky. 
Zac lee
Zac Lee - some Husker fans are wondering if Lee should be starting again. I think Lee was what Nebraska needed at that point in the game, but I don't think he should be starting.