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The Waiting for the Nebraska - Texas Game Open Thread

As most of you know, I'd normally call this the early game open thread, but that's really quite a lie today, isn't it? The only thing on our minds is that meeting with the Longhorns at 2:30 pm. 

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Game times and TV listings are after the jump. Feel free to join us for conversation on the early games or whatever you're doing to keep yourself from going crazy waiting until the game. 

All times Central

11:00 Boston College at Florida St. FSU -21.5
11:00 Minnesota at Purdue
PUR -5.5
11:00 Arkansas St. at Indiana
IN -10
11:00 Illinois at Michigan St.
MSU -7
11:00 Missouri at Texas A&M
A&M -3.5
2:30 Arkansas at Auburn
AUB -3.5
2:30 Texas at Nebraska1 NU -10
2:30 Iowa at Michigan1 IA -3
2:30 Western Michigan at Notre Dame1
ND -24
2:30 SMU at Navy
2:30 Wake Forest at Virginia Tech
VT -22.5
2:30 Cal at USC
USC -2
2:30 Oklahoma St. at Texas Tech   Fsn-r_medium  TT -2
3:00 BYU at TCU
TCU -29
South Carolina at Kentucky
USC -5
6:00 Ohio St. at Wisconsin
OSU -4
6:00 Iowa St. at Oklahoma OU -22
6:00 Mississippi St. at Florida
UF -7.5
6:30 Arizona at Washington St.
USM -9
8:15 Ole Miss at Alabama
BAMA -20
9:15 Oregon St. at Washington
UW -2
9:30 New Mexico St. at Fresno St.
FSU -31

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