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College Football Predictions - Week 7

What was that, better late than never? Yeah, right. Well, I was going to drive down to Lincoln tonight, but I ended up not going, so I'll be around all day tomorrow, getting on that early morning thread and counting the minutes until OUR game starts. 

Some pretty good stuff this weekend, but really, what matters besides Nebraska - Texas? Ah, but just for you, we soldier on. 

Iowa (-3) at Michigan

Mike: If Denard Robinson struggled like that against Michigan State, what do you think he'll do against the Hawkeyes? This one could get ugly. Squawkeyes 31, Weasels 10

Jon: Two things about this one. Mike pointed out Sparty shutting down the Michigan offense, but the second is - Hawk quarterback Ricky Stanzi isn't a turnover machine like he was last season. Even though it's on the road, I expect Iowa to take this one.
Hawkeyes 27, Wolverines 20

Will: The Hawkeye defense will give Robinson fits in the passing game are his legs going to be enough? I think not Hawkeyes 27 Wolverines 14

Matt:  As I stated earlier in the year despite the hot start from the Wolverines, Rich Rod's team will finally play some meaningful games and his future is in serious jeopardy.
Hawkeyes 30   Wolverines  20

JLew: Wow can I still do these? The seat starts getting hotter as the Michigan defense continues to struggle, while Iowa puts Shoestring in uncomfortable situations... Iowa 27 Michigan 23

Baylor (-1) at Colorado

Mike: The big surprise here isn't that Baylor is favored to win this game, it's that it's only one point.  Bears 35, Buffies 14

Jon: I think the Buffs defend their home turf in this one. Students rush the field after a victory. Hey, why not? Colorado 27, Baylor 24

Will: Robert Griffin should tear up this shaky Colorado secondary. If this game was in Waco Baylor would have to be 2 touchdown favorite. Baylor 23 Colorado 14

Matt: Not really sure about this one.  Baylor is much improved but Dan Hawkins and Colorado need this one just as bad. Colorado    31    Baylor 30

JLew: My only hope is that Colorado does something to earn it another Cob of the Week. Keep the streak alive! Change Qb's every play, check out Tech's on-side kick plays, rush the field after a loss, something like that will be great. Bears 28 Buffalos 27

Oklahoma State (+3.5) at Texas Tech

Mike: This line caught my eye here, but the more I think about it, it makes a little sense. I'm not 100% sold on the Cowboys being as good as they've been, and I'm not 100% sold on the Raiders being that bad. One thing is for'll be high scoring.  Raiders 45, Cowboys 38

Jon: Combination of a couple things - Texas Tech having good home field advantage with Oklahoma State being suspect on the road. I don't trust that Tech has their defensive issues straightened out, but while the Cowboys players understand their defense, they just don't have the players to execute it. Ah, hell, I'm guessing again.
Oklahoma State 45 Texas Tech 42

Will: Should be one of the better games of the week to watch. OK state has had a few nice wins but I think the key in this game is Texas Techs new defensive focus under Tommy Tubberville. Tech will have just enough defense to win. Red Raiders 33 Cowboys 27

Matt:  The Red Raiders just havn't impressed me all that much this year and Oklahoma State is the hot team.  I'm going to have to go with Gundy in this one.
Cowboys    45       Red Raiders   40

JLew: Year 1 head coach means up and down performances. I'm a man I'll take OSU. Orange looking Cowboys 42 Raiders 35

Missouri (+3.5) at Texas A&M

Mike: This line caught me in a WTF mode. Let's get one thing straight here; this game is televised. Even if Blaine Gabbert is hurt, Jerrod Johnson is still the Aggies quarterback. Tigers 24, Aggies 13

Jon: Missouri goes into College Station, and pulls off a Big 12 North road win. I just think Missouri is coming around better than the Aggies, and as Mike points out, Jerrod Johnson..... shudder.... Missouri 24, Texas A&M 20

Will: I think the Aggies pull one off here. Jerrod Johnson has had a bad start to a season that was supposed to be his best. He is eager to turn it around and this could be a good start. Aggies 24 Missouri 21

Matt:  Jerrod Johnson redeems himself and gets the Aggies back on track at home.  
TAMU   27   Mizzou   21

JLew: Do we know anything about Mizzou? I really don't. First road game for Missery ends in unhappy Tiger fans. ATM 28 Miz-zou 24

Illinois (+7) at Michigan State

Mike:  The Zooker got his upset, and Sparty knocked off their little sister last week. Both teams might be having a letdown this week.  But Michigan State is twice the team Illinois double the score.  Michigan State 28, Illinois 14.

Jon: Were this game in Illinois I'd be inclined to pick the upset... still, Michigan State is due for a letdown at some point. Win this, though, and it's time to wonder if they can't win the Big Ten. Michigan State 30, Illinois 21

Will: Michigan state football is just so far ahead of Illinois this one is easy. Michigan State 27 Illinois 17

Matt:  I'm a big believer in Mark Dantonio's squad.  They've got some tough, gutty wins thus far and despite an Illini defense that is among the best in the country they just simply don't have enough offensively to keep Sparty off the field.
Michigan State   20     Illinois   13

JLew: I don't trust Illinois, I trust in Michigan State. Sparty 23 Illinois 17

Ohio State (-4) at Wisconsin

Mike: This one has all the makings of an upset...other than a team ready to make an upset. Buckeyes 28, Badgers 21

Jon: Someone undefeated has to lose this weekend, and it ain't gonna be Nebraska. Bucky 24, Ohio State 20

Will: I think Wisconsin is on a little but of borrowed time, that being said they are capable of winning this game but I think Ohio State stays undefeated. Ohio State 28 Wisconsin 24

Matt:  Wisconsin has all the keys to beat the Buckeyes.  Running game, solid lines, home field.  I don't want to, but I'm going to anyways.
Badgers   24     Buckeyes 23

JLew: If people are going to make fun of Nebraska's schedule, they should really look at OSU's as well. I say the Buckeyes go down, and the chaos of college football continues. Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking Badgers! 28 Luck as-run-out-eyes 23.

Minnesota (+5.5) at Purdue

Mike: Do we really need to pick this game?  I know it's competitive..but c'mon.  Nobody cares who wins this one.  Oh, all right.  Boilermakers 23, Goofers 12

Jon: Minnesota death watch vs Purdue feeling better about itself after knocking off Purdue.

Will: Couple of bad football teams here but if I have to pick Purdue 21 Gofers 14

Matt: Purdue wins....that's all I got.

JLew: Boooooooooo!

Texas (+9.5) at Nebraska

Mike: Never mind Texas magic. This one comes down to how Taylor Martinez reacts to playing a legitimate defense. The freshman just needs to make good decisions and not try to do it all, because Texas knows all about the zone read. Offensively, Texas hasn't shown anything all season, but they've had two weeks to figure out some sort of identity. But trying to find yourself against the Blackshirts is asking to get even further lost.  Huskers 24, Horns 9

Jon: I already did a prediction earlier this week that I'm going to stick with. Nebraska 27, Texas 21

Will: I have thought long and hard about this one. Taylor Martinez has to really be careful about chucking the ball up against this very capable Texas secondary. On Saturday he doesn't need to be T-Magic he needs to be T-steady and just manage the game with his feet. Huskers 21 Longhorns 13

Matt:  The line seems too big.  Do people really have that much confidence in our Huskers?  I think the key to the game is field position and Alex Henery.  Henery has the leg to switch the field instantly has proven he can hit field goals on the biggest stage.  The Huskers will win this one, but it'll be very, very close.  Taylor Martinez will break off consistent 5-6 yards runs but never get the homerun we're now always waiting for.
Huskers     24         Horns 17

JLew: I hate doing this. You always want to pick something safe, just in case you have to hear about it tomorrow, but screw it, if I'm wrong bring on the trolls. Watson is just waiting to unleash the fury, and you don't think Bo will have the players fired up for this one? You think he's forgotten or let the team forget? Chip on the shoulder people, us versus them and the rest of the Big 12. Bo's teams play better this way. No way Nebraska thinks of themselves as the favorite, Texas is 8-1.  The stadium will be louder than against OU last year. Young Texas quarterback vs the Blackshirts. It's been building and the payoff comes tomorrow. Texas can't image the Husker Power that's about to hit it.
Nebraska rolls. Mike has to put up with more T-Magic songs and Heisman talk,  Jon scares his kids with the celebration, Will and Matt.... I don't know them well enough to say, but suffice to say it's a big deal and escalates quickly, the bars stay open in Lincoln to sunrise, Nebraska's back, and Texas goes down.
You don't mess with the Nebraska football Cornhuskers 40
You can mess with us, sure we sold our souls to the devil to own you in exchange for K-State owning us, but that deals done texas 17.