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Corn Flakes: Has your wish been granted?

Let's flash back a few years. Maybe when you first realized that Callahan wasn't going to make it at NU. Maybe when the bowl streak ended. Maybe during that fateful KU game, try and go back to whenever your darkest moment of fandom was. Are you back there? Do you remember how it felt?

Did you make a wish, or a plea to the football gods?

Could you have asked for anything more that what's going on right now?

As of posting what we have in this team:

Explosive offense led by a redshirt freshman who is being called one of the most exciting players in the game. As special treat, he's a running QB bringing back memories of former Husker greats. With him in the backfield are 2 outstanding running backs, gashing defenses who try to stop the QB.

The return of the Blackshirts, and their proud tradition. NFL picks throughout the lineup. Possibly the best secondary every assembled for NU.

A young fiery head coach, with a defensive scheme beyond everyone else making it all work.

The team ranked in the top ten, and in the national championship conversation, favored over Texas this weekend.

Heck the only thing you could want for right now is a fullback run now and again.

So enjoy it Husker Nation. Enjoy being in the top ten, enjoy the talk about T-Magic and that trophy (They briefly mentioned him on PTI the other day. Also don't forget NU is owed one Heisman trophy for Suh not winning it last year, it's how Crouch won his, after Frazier was snubbed).

So which one of you did it? Who threw themselves down to the mercy of the football gods? Who do we have to thank?

Coach: Husker Nation Affected By Drunken Driving Crash - Omaha News Story - KETV Omaha

A teenager suspected of driving drunk and causing a chain-reaction crash on Saturday put four people in a hospital, including an assistant coach for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln golf team. The coach, 30-year-old Tony Bedient, got married last month. His wife, Jessica, who also works for the university system, remains on life support. Bedient is recovering in intensive care.

We'll start out with a serious link. Please don't drink and drive. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved. -JL

Huskers? Catch 'em if you can -

Three-and-out has taken on new meaning at Nebraska this year. The Huskers have 10 touchdown drives of three plays or less.

Wow that's a lot. C.O.W., Part 2 - 10 Bold 2nd Half Calls

1. Nebraska will play Boise State for the national title Schedule, schedule, schedule, schedule, schedule. The SEC champion will have at least one loss (likely two), Ohio State will lose a road game either at Wisconsin or Iowa, and Oregon will drop at least one game with so many tough battles left to be had. Oklahoma, who has been way too shaky so far, will lose a road game against either Missouri, Texas A&M, or Oklahoma State. Meanwhile, Nebraska has one of the most manageable schedules of any national title contender. Going to Oklahoma State and Texas A&M will be tough, but any team good enough to play in the BCS Championship has to roll through those games, while the battles with Texas and Missouri are at home. The Huskers will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship and will win a classic. And then will come the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

So what do you think? Too perfect? -JL

Got some more good stuff after the jump.

Bo to fans: Stay classy -

It doesn't say if he ended with "And Go f#ck yourself Texas"

This just in: Texas is better than Kansas State - Husker Football

This is a serious article, I swear. Can anyone who didn't realize this post in comments I'd like to laugh at you.-JL

Why can’t Texas run the football? - Husker Football

Very interesting graph at the link. Good article.-JL College Football - Monday with Mike: The unbeaten 13

NEBRASKA Games to watch: Oct. 16 vs. Texas, Oct. 23 at Oklahoma State, Oct. 30 vs. Missouri Buzz: Before the season, this week's game with Texas looked to be the game of the year in the Big 12. But Texas is coming in with a two-game losing streak and suddenly it looks as if the Huskers could get through the regular season unscathed. The defense is nasty and redshirt freshman QB Taylor Martinez has been a revelation running the ball. But, as with LSU, the Huskers eventually will need to make some plays in the air. Can they do it? Verdict: One loss

Also check out the Martinez part down the page. -JL College Football - Week 7 Watch: The lucky (and good) 13

Texas QB Garrett Gilbert Texas' lack of a rushing attack has put plenty of pressure on this first-year starter, and he has struggled during the Longhorns' two-game skid. Gilbert ranks 82nd nationally in pass efficiency, and he has thrown two interceptions and only one touchdown pass in his past two games. He now faces a Nebraska team that leads the nation in pass defense and pass efficiency defense. Texas relies heavily on Gilbert, who has averaged 39.3 pass attempts over his past four games. If he doesn't perform well, Texas has no shot against the Huskers.