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Cob of the Week: Jerrod Johnson, Dan Hawkins, Bret Bielema Going For Two, And Dumb Texas Tech Guys

You know what's shocking? None of these involve LSU, Les Miles or the Florida Gators. None. Maybe we're falling down on the job.

Or maybe not, you know, there are plenty of other gaffes going on. Hit the jump for this week's Cob of the Week Nominations!

Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson who helped the Aggies wilt once again under the bright lights as they lost to the Arkansas Razorbacks 24 -17. Johnson went 15-for-40 passing for , with one touchdown and one interception. 15 for 40? Holy cobs!

Perhaps nothing says "We're stupid" more than a bunch of guys looking at a live ball on the ground when another guy picks it up and takes it for a touchdown. That's exactly what happened to Texas Tech against Baylor last weekend. Tech might have won, but that doesn't make it any less stupid.

Colorado coach Dan Hawkins for reverting back to playing musical quarterbacks. Yep, he put his son Cody into the game, and the suckage factor increased as the Buffies couldn't score on a Tiger defense that hardly missed Aldon Smith.

How about Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema's decision to go for two, leading Minnesota 41-16 with 6:39 left in the game? Bielama explained that the scoring chart told him to do it. Then he said he had a flashback to some other game in which Minnesota scored near the end of the game. Then he complained that his dad called him a jerk when he was 12 and he'd never gotten over it and wanted someone else to feel the same way. Then he kicked a puppy.

If Bielema's going to rub it in on a hapless Minnesota team, the least he could do is be honest about it. Remember Woody Hayes answer when he was asked about going for two when he had a 36-point lead against Michigan and went for two? "Because I couldn't go for three." If you're going to be an asshole, then just be an asshole and admit it, Bret. Doing otherwise makes you a gutless wonder, and being gutless will aways get you a cob nomination.