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Nebraska vs Texas Fan Approach: In Your Face or Subdued But Optimistic?

Barely themselves, but how are their fans doing?
Barely themselves, but how are their fans doing?

An observation about the difference between the Nebraska and Texas fan bases - 

When Texas is not doing well, their fans become highly critical of their coaching staff and players. If it were legal, Longhorn fans might just kill their coaching staff, barbecue them and eat them. 

When Nebraska doesn't do well, Husker fans have a tendency to go around beating the hell out of any other Husker fan if they say anything bad about the coaches or the players all the while declaring themselves "true fans". Arguments ensue about how long each has had season tickets, attended games, or how many pieces of Husker fandom each owns and practically nothing is said about the coaches or the players and how lousy they're performing. 

I'm not trying to say that one approach is necessarily better than the other (because it's not), I'm just pointing out the difference between the fans so that if you head over to BON this week to try and get a handle on Texas, you understand the mood they're in.

Clearly Nebraska isn't in the same position as we were last year - trying to figure how to win games with an offense that couldn't score to save it's life. That's Texas (ha!). 

Things look pretty good heading into this game, and as we all know, all those Nebraska losses could be washed away if we win this one last* game because that's just the way it works. This perspective could lead many of you to the "In Your Face" approach this week, visiting every online forum you can find and giving it to Texas fans while they're in a sour mood. 

On the other hand, should Texas win, they'll have destroyed a perfect season for our Huskers, and they will have bragging rights FOR ALL TIME, giving them the last laugh as we close the door on the Big 12 conference. It's that possibility that may lead some Husker fans to take a subdued but optimistic approach to this game. 

Given those positions, I'm curious as to how Husker (and Texas, if you care to respond) fans are approaching this game. 

Are you in the "In UR FACE!" camp, or are you the "subdued but optimistic" type?

*Forget the "we could meet them in the last Big 12 Championship game" stuff because you can't count on that.