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2010 College Football Ranking: Blogpoll Week 7 Draft - Death of the Undefeateds

Four teams fell from the ranks of the undefeated this weekend. Some were spectacular, like Alabama's loss to South Carolina, while others are merely noteworthy,i.e., Purdue's upset of Northwestern, keeping the Wildcats from going 6-0 for the first time since 1962. 

Anyone who'd watched Michigan knew they were in for a crash sooner or later, and it shouldn't be all that surprising that Arizona's great run finally came to an end in Corvallis. I wish that I could add Auburn to the list, but they escaped Kentucky in the end, booting a last second field goal. Maybe it's because I'm sick of hearing about the SEC. Take a look at this and tell me the conference isn't down this season. 

You want funny? Funny is - both the AP and Coaches Polls ranking Alabama above South Carolina this week. Apparently they didn't notice how well the Gamecocks shut down Alabama's running game, holding Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram to 64 yards between them. Just for that I'm going to make up for it by boosting a bunch of undefeated teams over Alabama. 

BTW, I keep thinking I should rank Texas 25th this week. What do you think?