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Nebraska - Kansas State In Photos And Artistic Critiques!

All photos by professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, just in case you don't notice the watermark. :) 

Does it get better than this? Seriously - this is art. 
Hey, I am a B.A. in Art from Nebraska with a heavy influence in photography (Thanks Dr. Dave Read) and I am therefore qualified to offer this critique!
Is the hand actually touching him? I have to say no - it has the appearance of a touch, but that would imply mortality, and clearly what the photographer is saying is that Taylor Martinez is immortal, untouchable, that he could feel the icy, cold hand of tackle, but brush it away as easily as if one could brush away death. 
One might take from this his view of fate, of destiny. See how firm he is in dismissing the extended hand? From this we can be assured that our hero has a firm grasp on fate, on destiny, or more assuredly, that he will control his own.
What you should look at is the background because it's telling you a story. Perhaps it should be on fire, with burning hulks left in his wake? 
Jared Crick standing ground. Look at the eyes because they're looking for the ball as the stance forward clearly says "I own you now, but perhaps later we could lunch?" 
I have no idea of what he's doing either, but the Husker fans appear to be happy, and the KSU fans appear to be a little bit shocked. Perhaps he's angry because he left the lights on, or because he didn't realize until just now that they don't sell beer in college football stadiums (unless you're in the South)
The men to both sides appear to have the same look I felt myself - this sort of "What Hath God Wrought" feeling as in -" I've never seen a quarterback run that fast either, but I'm not about to admit it in front of these Kansas State sunsabitches." 
Or perhaps we could caption contest this one in the comments section! 
First of all - look at the lines. Not the offensive lines, dammit, I mean the lines of muscle.  You know why he looks like that, don't you? 
It's because he's thinking - "If you're only going to give me the ball eight frickin' times, I'm going to make the most of each and every one." 
I see your attempt to grab my jersey and I thwart you without looking. Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Sexy Girl 2 would be proud. 
Jim Ebke and Jake Long tackle on special teams. They're angry. Very angry. 
And last... Taylor Martinez in his natural habitat - with a defender behind him.
What you don't see here is this - the photographer's long lens compressing the depth of field so that it appears the defender is close when he's really about 2.5 miles behind Martinez. 
But my, again, look at the physique. My only conclusion there is that all the ladies love him.