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College Football Week 5 Predictions: Texas Or Oklahoma?

Hope you had as much fun watching Oklahoma State and Texas A&M as I did. Wondering though - did you take away a positive impression of Oklahoma State, like they proved themselves as a Big 12 South competitor, or did you feel that Texas A&M collapsed and gave the game away? 

Lots of great games coming up this weekend.

I'm not entirely sold on Texas losing to Oklahoma, mostly because the words "Texas" and "losing" haven't exactly gone together too much the past couple of years. The problem is shaking off the past, which gets harder the more you have of it. Stuck in my ways? I don't think so, but I'm just sure as hell glad I don't bet real money on this stuff. Mrs Corn Nation would have thrown me out two weeks ago. 

Ah, one game we overlooked - Oregon vs Stanford. Maybe it's because the concept of Stanford being a top ten team hasn't sunk in yet. Thoughts? 

Oklahoma (-4) vs. Texas in Dallas

Matt: Longhorns redeem themselves with a gutty performance from the defense after being dismantled by UCLA. Horns 23    Sooners 20
Mike: Bovines might not be as bad as they looke last week, but they aren't that good either. Besides, Oklahoma is due for a good week now.  Sooners 31, Orange Cows 14
Jon: This game has to be pissing off the national media more than anyone ‘cause they have to pay attention to another team besides these two in the race for the Big 12 South. Still can't believe Texas got bombed by UCLA at home, while simultaneously Oklahoma has the worst defense in the Big 12 (statistically). Horns - can't run, can't explode with dink and dunk. Sooners 28 Longhorns 21

Wisconsin (-1) at Michigan State

Matt:  Mark Dantonio will be back in the stadium, albeit in the booth.  Michigan State is not a tough place to play and I think Wisconsin may be feeling a little too good about themeselves right now.  I think Sparty pulls the upset. Spartans  28    Wisconsin 27
Mike: Truth be told, I haven't been terribly impressed with the Badgers this season. But I think they'll win this one.  Badgers 27 Spartans 21
Jon: Michigan State is the Big Ten's Oklahoma State - just never there yet, and that's part of the past I can't shake. I really have a hard time picking Sparty, despite who they're playing. Again, emotional, which is why I don't bet. Michigan State 24 Wisconsin 21. 

Northwestern (-4) at Minnesota

Matt:  The Wildcats and their dual-threat quarterback Dan Persa will dominate this game from top to bottom. Northwestern  35    Golden Gophers  20
Mike: How bad is Minnesota?  Let me count the ways.  Wildcats 28, Goofers 13
Jon: Tim Brewster death watch decreases by one game. Any bets on whether he makes the end of the season? You knew he was a dead man walking when he hired Kevin Cosgrove to be part of his defensive staff. Wildcats 31 Gophers 14

Texas Tech (-9) at Iowa State

Matt:  Iowa State's upcoming schedule involves Tech, Utah, Oklahoma and Texas...Ouch.  It won't begin with a win here either. Red Raiders  31    Clones   20
Mike: That's one murder's row schedule the Cyclones play...and it gets off to an ugly start.  Raiders 35, Cyclones 14
Jon: Tech sucks on the road, but unfortunately, Iowa State just sucks. Red Raiders 33 Cyclones 21

Kansas (+8.5) at Baylor

Matt:  This is absolute must have for Baylor if they have any hopes of making a bowl.  Art Briles will make sure his team is ready for the Big 12 opener and Robert Griffin will run all day on the Jayhawks.  Still breaking Turner into the Big 12.  Bears  28    Jayhawks  24
Mike:  Two teams that just aren't very good.  Bears 31 Jayhawks 20
Jon: Still wondering how Kansas beat Georgia Tech.

Georgia (-3.5) at Colorado

Matt:  A.J. Green.  Has he made that much of a difference for this Bulldog squad?  I don't know, but for a team that's 0-3 in SEC play for the first time in Mark Richt's career, they better hope so.  I think the Dawgs take down the Buffs. Georgia  30    Buffaloes  27
Mike: Here are the keys to the game:  both A.J. Green and Dan Hawkins will be at this one.  In other words: Bulldogs 35, Buffies 10
Jon: I keep wanting to pick Colorado to win a game. Maybe this one! No. Not this one. Georgia 24, Colorado 13

Penn State (+4.5) at Iowa

Matt:  The Hawkeyes will look to get their Big 10 title dreams underway against a talented but young Penn State squad.  I don't think the Nittany Lions will be able to move the ball much against the Hawkeye D with a freshman quarterback, giving Iowa the edge.  A slight one. Iowa   20     Nittany Lions 14
Mike: After struggling against Temple, now Penn State has to face the Iowa defense? Ouch. Iowegia 27, State Penn 10
Jon: Iowa has had Penn State's number, going 8-1 since 2000. Penn State's offense can't score, defense can't stop Iowa's punishing guess-what's-next offense. Iowa 24 Penn State 14

Florida (+9) at Alabama

Matt:  Alabama is 9-point favorites in this one.  That seems a bit high, but don't think they'll struggle much with the Gators at home.  Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson refuse to be tackled after the first hit and the Crimson Tide will control both lines of scrimmage throughout. Bama   27    Florida   19
Mike:  It's at Alabama.  But this one might not really matter as much as the rematch.  Tide 31 Gators 21
Jon: Matt said it best, but he left out the part where Florida can't score. Roll Tide 28 Gators 20