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Corn Flakes: NU Top 10 Next Season?

Well that does it for college football this year. Sure you have some Bama fans running around the internet talking trash, and the season is never really over for the players that start in the weight room next week. Then comes signing day where Husker Mike can rally against the recruitnicks, people can look at stars, and drama will follow.  The NFL draft is sometime waaay to long after the season. Then it's the Spring Game (HA as if you can think of spring when it's 1 outside) then the long summer build up.

So talk yourselves into the basketball team, and be ready for some open threads for the weekday afternoon baseball games. We'll get through this together.


The cats will be here to help halp

No. 14 ranking best finish for NU in eight years

Could a top 10 start be in NU's future? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Blackshirts to finish No. 1 nationally in scoring defense

Two quick Texas field goals in the BCS title game ensure that Nebraska will finish the year ranked No. 1 nationally in scoring defense for the first time since 1984. NU allowed 146 points in 14 games, a 10.4-point average. Alabama has now allowed 149 points.

Our defense is better than yours. Repeat to everyone.

NE - Brown's Bust in BCS Good News for Bo

Two years in a row, the Big 12’s "elite" and best-paid coaches, Bob Stoops and Brown, badly mishandled key scenarios in the second quarter of the national title game. Chew on it. You think NU’s Bo Pelini lags so far behind these guys? No. Give Pelini this much: He had a respect for field position - for saving points by refusing to give up cheap ones - and it worked wonders for Nebraska over the last half of the season.

Interesting article and an interesting premise. Very worth a read. Is NU on the door step of greatness? Can they ring the doorbell of opportunity? Will they walk though the foyer of success? Or will the door of failure be slammed in their face? Ranking the 2009/2010 Bowls - The Duds

34. HOLIDAY BOWL Nebraska 33 … Arizona 0 In a dominant performance by the Nebraska defense, Arizona came up with no points, just 109 yards of total offense, six first downs, and held on to the ball for just 21:48. A Matt O’Hanlon interception set up the Huskers’ first score, a four-yard Zac Lee run, just 1:15 into the game. Alex Henery connected on all four of his field goal attempts, hitting from 47, 50, 41, and 22 yards away, while Red Burkhead ran for a five-yard score in the second and Niles Paul burned the Wildcats for a 74-yard touchdown late in the third. Nebraska was never threatened as Arizona never came close to scoring.

They say the Holiday Bowl was a dud. Not if you were an Nebraska fan

Dobson pushing NU to get better

"You can talk all you want about the coaching and other things, but ... when we got here, a lot of our players were big, slow power-lifters," Husker defensive coordinator Carl Pelini said. "What James has done in a year-and-a-half is amazing. (Arizona coach) Mike Stoops told me after the Holiday Bowl, ‘We haven’t been physically manhandled by anyone since I took over — not since the first year I took over — until tonight.’"

He's been a great hire, and a major reason for NU's success.

Rumor Mill: Prince Amukamara to NFL

BUT - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - NU junior Amukamara did not seek evaluation from NFL

- Coach Bo Pelini confirmed through NU media relations that junior cornerback Prince Amukamara has not sought an evaluation on his potential draft status through the NFL Advisory Committee. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is Jan. 15. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - QBs still on Huskers' radar

Life in the Red's Blog | Burkes' NU career over

Offensive lineman Jaivorio Burkes' playing career at Nebraska is over, according to Husker head coach Bo Pelini. Burkes, a junior, sat out this season with an unspecified medical condition. He was sidelined in August of 2008 because of problems with high blood pressure but returned in time to play in all 13 games as a sophomore, including four starts. In 2007, he was among 11 true freshmen to see action.

Always sad to see things not work out. I hope he can find his path.

Conference Bowl Records

So far the Midwest Conference is kicking butt at 5-0. The Pac-10? Not so much. - JJ

Let's End the Charade. Leach's Firing is not about Concussions

I still find this story interesting...... and it's going to be interesting for a while. Double T is correct - this really isn't about concussions. - JJ - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Lauren Cook may be Nebraska-bound

In a surprising development that had the college volleyball world buzzing Wednesday, Lauren Cook apparently has left UCLA a month after she completed her rookie season. The move opens the door for the Lincoln Pius X graduate to play for her father at Nebraska, possibly as early as next season.