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Corn Flakes: Recruiting Maddness

Well it's getting to be recruiting madness. Look for players to switch, commit, de-commit, and rumors about it all! So what says you Reader of the Corn? Who's N, and who's not?

Mock Draft version 1 - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN

1. St. Louis Rams -- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska: Hey, no one was exactly blown away by the start of the Keith Null Era in St. Louis. The sixth-round rookie gunslinger out of West Texas A&M (college quarterbacks coach? Ryan Leaf. I wish I was kidding.) did little to inspire the masses in his four starts at quarterback for the Rams at the end of St. Louis's abysmal 1-15 2009 campaign. But I just don't see GM Billy Devaney and coach Steve Spagnuolo letting "The Boy Named Suh" slide by them. For as bad as the Rams offense was in '09, the defense was probably worse. Suh has been compared favorably to just about every great DT in the past 20 years, most commonly Warren Sapp and Haloti Ngata. For as tempting as Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford might be for the quarterback-starved Rams, Suh's the pick. They'll get their quarterback later on. More on that in a bit.

Well it's getting to be NFL draft season as well. Watch what happens when teams have too much time from the end of the college season until the draft to second, and third, and fourth guess themselves.

Nebraska gets first-ever victory in Lubbock

Sixth-ranked Nebraska, which entered Wednesday night 0-7 all-time at Texas Tech, produced first-half runs of 17-3 and 15-0 en route to a surprising 89-47 blowout of the Lady Raiders in Lubbock, Texas.

Wow. That's it- wow.

Huskers lose to Colorado in Boulder

Ugh. That's it- Ugh. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Sherman: Recruiting enters silly season

I know this guy, who, for an otherwise responsible adult, spends too much time analyzing the impulses of 18-year-old football players. I know several people like him. You may, too. But for the sake of this discussion, let's call him Chad.

Chad needs to settle the heck down. Or have a talk with Husker Mike about recruiting. You don't see him freaking out do you?

Huskers have lost their share of recruiting battles

It’s understandable if a few stomach pains come with the news that acclaimed defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa and safety Corey Cooper are planning to wait until next Wednesday to say if they’ll be Huskers.

You have to think that NU is due to win one ((or 3)of these right?

NE - NU Offers Marsh Grayshirt

A grayshirt means Marsh's scholarship counts toward the 2011 - not the 2010 - limit.

Coveting Carnes: Why NU Needs a QB Recruit - Nebraska Football

BRN talks about why NU needs a QB in this class. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Two more recruiting options

Quarterback Cody Fajardo of Anaheim, Calif., and also, according to, the Huskers have extended a scholarship offer to Ezell Ruffin, a speedy, 6-1 receiver from Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, Calif. With 19 pledges, NU continues to pursue quarterback Brion Carnes of Bradenton, Fla., safety Corey Cooper of Maywood, Ill., and defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa.