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Corn Flakes Loves Lil' Red

What's funnier than Lil Red?
Colorado players getting arrested of course!

(Those of you that said NU men's basketball shame on you!)

Steven M. Sipple: Be patient Nebraska hoops fans -- again

"This is my first group of freshmen that can, as a group, legitimately compete in this league," Sadler says of Jorge Brian Diaz, Ray Gallegos, Eshaunte Jones, Christian Standhardinger and Brandon Ubel.

Anyone feel like a Cubs fan? There's always next year... -JL

Nebraska Huskers are hottest team in the country - ESPN

Nebraska is one of two undefeated teams left in Division I women's basketball -- the other one is located somewhere in the Northeast -- and the story here is basically good old-fashioned perseverance. Might sound dull, but right now it doesn't feel that way.

The Husker women basketballers are continuing to pick up steam across the nation. One of two undefeated teams left... you have to continue to wonder, how far can this team go? - JJ - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Husker coaches court Portland star

This is the big one, speaking of recruiting... - The Omaha World-Herald: High Schools sports - Hook 'em horns: Marsh to be a Maverick

But DXP says..

Marsh to UNO? Not so fast, my friend.

So there you have it. Either (a) we get Ndamukong Suh 2.0 (Owa), Tommie Frazier's cousin (Carnes), and a hard-hitting safety (Cooper), thus vaulting NU's class into the Top 20, or (b) we get Bronson Marsh and some lesser combination of the three fence-sitters. Not bad.

NE - Husker Monday Takes: Winning the Recruiting Border Wars

McKewon adds his thoughts. I guess I don't agree that NU needs to take more instate kids. Bo can get the kids he wants in this system, wherever they hail from. - JL

Marlborough Leads U.S. Over Trinidad & Tobago

Nebraska's Morgan Marlborough turned in an exceptional performance in her first international match, scoring the game-winning goal and adding an assist as the U.S. Under-20 Women's National Team defeated Trinidad & Tobago, 4-0, Saturday evening in Guatemala City. With the victory, the Americans clinch a spot in the semifinals of the 2010 CONCACAF U-20 Women's Championship and move a step closer to a berth in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

So you know what's happening with one of our young soccer stars. Pretty cool stuff, maybe she could make you a soccer fan, eh? Ndamukong Suh is, why aren't you? - JJ ASK CFN - The Bowl Matchups (1/22)

Q: when was the last time that the Florida Gators played a regular season non-conference game OUTSIDE of the state of Florida?? - JN A: September 21st, 1991. Syracuse 38, Florida 21. Before that there was a 38-13 win over Memphis in 1989. Oooooooh.

This is just shocking.

Big changes expected for Big 12 during upcoming decade - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

After Bo Pelini leaves for the vacant LSU job after the 2014 season, former Cornhusker Turner Gill takes over the Nebraska program after developing his Kansas program into a solid bowl contender. His hiring is one of the last acts that Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne orchestrates before his retirement.

Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma all will win national championships during the upcoming decade.

Bo leave us? Never! But I will take a National Championship -JL

Top 6 Weirdest College Mascots | College Footballers

College football is a game of passion, toughness and in some cases, complete confusion. Here's a list of the strangest FBS mascots we've ever heard of.

It's that time of year, the time of year where everyone struggles to come up with content for the offseason. Here's a list featuring our own Lil' Red, who, naturally comes in first. I consider that an honor. Who wants a normal mascot, anyway? - JJ
I find Lil' Red hilarious! No one can convince me otherwise. -JL


There are no surprises when it comes to Colorado football and crime today, as the Buffaloes acquire a modest but colorful pair of points for two separate petty offenses involving weed and retro workout gear.

Ok Corn readers. Come up with your own joke in the comments section. I'll post the best one in the next Corn Flakes!