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Corn Flakes: Recruiting Isn't Over Till It's Over!

Do you like following recruiting? Would you like to spar with Husker Mike about stars? Want to write in a blog for fun and profit about recruiting? Contact Jon!

Not much Husker BBall news. Mr Corn has been keeping you updated with that, and well it's a typical Husker Basketball season. Watch for the game that NU wins out of nowhere you lure you back in. You know it's coming, like a perfect shot in golf while you shoot 53 on the front, something to draw you back in. Could it be this week at Missouri?

The Ladies continue to be very impressive, and Jon has been keeping you updated on that. They'll be on FSN this Sat when they play K-State. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - KU to visit Marsh; NU ‘needs week'

The All-Nebraska quarterback completed his official recruiting visit to NU last weekend without the scholarship offer for which he was hoping. Marsh said he remains optimistic about the Huskers. In the same breath, though, he said, Kansas plans to send offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Chuck Long to Omaha today to meet Marsh. Call it Bo Pelini vs. Turner Gill, round one.

Can it be round 1 when NU is slow playing the kid? Maybe round 1 with a handicap?

Q&A with recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill | Solomon's Wisdom -

Who has the most disappointing class nationally?

"I'll give you another one. I'm surprised Nebraska's class (ranked No. 30 by isn't more fruitful, especially on the offensive side of the ball. They're just not bringing in guys offensively who can really scare you and create mismatches and maybe get them over the hump back into the elite of college football. I think the landscape has changed for Nebraska where they're having to compete so much more than before. If you look at the Big 12 North, would you ever have thought Nebraska would have to compete for the same kids as Kansas and Missouri?

Lets wait a few weeks before we write off this class. With Owa, Cooper, and Carnes still in play it could end up pretty well. So Star followers who ends up in red?

Scout Expert Rips NU; Good News From Cooper (DXP)

Ironically enough, later today, Sean Callahan ( told KFAB (1110AM, Omaha) that 4* Corey Cooper (S, Maywood IL) has reportedly cancelled his official visit to Florida State. If true, this is great news for the Huskers. Although a soft commit to Illinois, most folks speculated that Cooper would switch to NU come signing day. Then came reports that Cooper was being wooed by Mark Stoops to FSU and that he would take an official trip to Tallahassee. As recently as last week, the FSU reports led Huskers insider Jeremy Crabtree ( to tell KOZN (1620AM, Omaha) that Cooper was unlikely to land at NU. Oh what a difference a week makes.

Florida QB set to visit Nebraska

Then there’s Carnes, scheduled to visit Lincoln this weekend. You best believe that’s no small deal for the dual-threat quarterback who threw for 2,500 yards his senior year. "He’s heard stories about Nebraska football, but he’s never been on a plane," Conboy said. "He’s been to some big colleges, but never somewhere like Nebraska, where basically Nebraska football is the focal point of the whole state." - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today Blog - Sports Writers - Suh to skip Senior Bowl

Suh remained No. 1, going to St. Louis. Of that situation, Kiper writes: "Nobody questions that the top need for the Rams is a quarterback. But unless St. Louis trades down -- an extremely difficult proposition on multiple levels -- it shouldn't take a quarterback with its first pick. Suh is maybe the most dominating defensive tackle I've seen in 32 years of doing this. He can be effective immediately for the Rams.’’

Steven M. Sipple: Pelini appears set for long haul

Sipple talks about why coaches move. Look people it's a nasty game, and most head coaches are well *ssholes to put it nicely. They do what they have to, to win.

Nebraska's all-decade team - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

You like the all decade team? I'm wondering what offense they would run. I'm McLovin the Husker D though.

'09 Rewind: Counting down the season's best individual efforts - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

1. Suh sacks Texas. Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh had already secured his place among the pro scouts and diehard observers with dominant, nationally televised turns against Missouri and Oklahoma and a more impressive personal stat line than some entire defensive lines. But it wasn't until he singlehandedly reduced one of the most prolific offenses in the nation to rubble in the Big 12 Championship game that Suh leapt from run-of-the-mill All-American to bona fide, Heisman-worthy star. Suh drew headlines with 4.5 sacks and another pair of tackles for loss, and for generally throwing Colt McCoy around like a rag doll, but Texas' numbers tell the story: The mighty Longhorns finished with 18 yards rushing, nine three-and-outs, three turnovers and a single touchdown, on a possession that began in Nebraska territory. Statistically, it was the worst night of McCoy's career, and without the infamous second added to the clock to allow the 'Horns to set up for the winning, BCS-clinching field goal at the gun, Suh could have been credited with personally dismantling one of the great seasons of the entire decade. All in a night's work.

'09 Rewind: Counting down the season's best breakout players - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

4. Jared Crick, Nebraska. Interior line-mate Ndamukong Suh occupied the overwhelming share of attention from the media and opposing blockers, but Crick exploited his complementary role on the nation's top scoring defense for a fine line of his own: 9.5 sacks (five against Baylor alone), 12.5 tackles for loss and a spot on the All-Big 12 team courtesy of league coaches -- not bad for a sophomore with one career tackle to his name at the start of the season. After the Huskers' total demolition of Arizona in the Holiday Bowl, Suh told ESPN Crick was "the next Suh," and a dozen offensive coordinators began typing their letters of resignation.

Ndamukong Suh's Outland Trophy Acceptance Speech (DXP)

This is a bit stale, but if you haven't watched it it's worth a look.

Notebook: Sand volleyball survives

After the trash talk among football and volleyball players reached a fever pitch this week, Husker coaches Bo Pelini and John Cook set up a battle for bragging rights Friday. These details come from the volleyball offices, mind you, but the report was that the volleyball team of Sydney Anderson, Tara Mueller, Kayla Banwarth, Megan Pendergast and Gina Mancuso "crushed them" in a best-of-three-set match. The volleyball team played with five players, wasn’t allowed to block and played with only one front-row attacker. Who was the best of the football players on the volleyball court? Cook says it was Rex Burkhead. Also playing were Niles Paul, Prince Amakumara, Lance Thorell, Eric Hagg and Curenski Gilleylen.

Oh I want to see video of this.

I Too Have a Dream - BCS Evolution

Always remember. A look back at college football's racial history, progress and what is yet to be finished.

MLK Day has passed, but the the dream is alive every day. - JJ