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Corn Nation 2009 Pick 'Em Winners - Week 1

CN's own JLew won week one of this year's Pick 'Em game as hosted by Fun Office Pools, with yours truly coming in third, which is pretty amazing in itself because I did very poorly in the other two pick 'em games I joined. The leaders are as follows: 


First week winners win a free copy of the Nebraska football yearbook Cornhusker Kickoff 2009. If you're on the list of week one winners as shown above, please contact me - - with your address and we'll have a copy of the yearbook sent to you. Please include your funofficepools screen name as part of your email. 

You can still join if you like. To participate, just join our poolIt's free to play, and is spam-free as well. The pool will run the entire regular season, concluding on December 6th with, among other games, the conference championship games. 

The grand prize winner will receive a copy of the 1995 National Championship Season DVD Box Set from our affiliate Best of Big Red