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Cornflakes: Your daily Husker edition

With the season upon us Cornflakes will start providing daily links.

Going Deep: Arkansas State - Nebraska Football
BRN introduces you to Arkansas StAte. (You'll see why it's a big "A")

Nebraska vs. Arkansas State Pay-Per-View Information
I have to wonder how many Husker fans will be buying PPV for this weekend's game. I'm guessing not as many as last week. Let us know in the comments section if you will or won't be. - CB

Pelini says Nebraska 'soft' on defense in opener - College Football -
Coach is still pushing, demanding more from the team, and I think you'll see the team respond very well to it.

Huskers gain another Louisiana recruit
After a Husker drought without a commit, Ashburn becomes the second player in a matter of days to say he’s going to Nebraska. Safety Harvey Jackson (Missouri City, Texas) committed this weekend after being in town for the season opener.

Did the Huskers add Recruit Number Eight?
Huskers Illustrated chats up Arlington Texas' cornerback Ciante Evans, who might be the eighth member of the 2010 recruiting class. Corn Nation is looking for someone to cover recruiting, so if you're interested, please contact me. - CB

No. 13 Sooners' TE Gresham out for season
Wooosh! Funny how the season changes in such a short time. Oklahoma's Jermaine Gresham is gone for the season - that hurts the Sooners a LOT. It'll be interesting to see if the Sooners rally or fall apart in the next few weeks. - CB CFN Rankings Of Every Team - Week 1
CFN has Mizzou at #8, Georgia at #11, Oklahoma at #13, and Virginia Tech at #14. Hey.... maybe they're just genuises, eh? - CB