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Worst of the Big 12: The Big 12 Cob Of the Week!

Every Tuesday, Corn Nation will present nominations for the worst performances in the Big 12, also known as the Big 12 Cob of the Week! Nominees can include teams, players, coaches, fans, or anything that has to do with Big 12 college football.

You, the fans, get to vote on who wins the Big 12 COTW, and the winner gets moved into the year end selection for the (not so prestigious) Big 12 Cob of the Year!

Fans are also welcome to make their own nominations in the comments section!

Husker Mike:

My first choice is Dan Hawkins and offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau. After last year's horrible offense, Buff fans thought that they couldn't do worse than Mark Helfrich's spread offense.


Rather than ride the strength of the offense, a young group of touted running backs, Hawkins and Kiesau decided to go all-Air Colorado against cross-state rival Colorado State. This despite only having one returning wide receiver who has ever caught a pass.

My second choice would be the guys at, who raised a ruckus when I criticized Dan Hawkins and Eric Kiesau's plan to implement a pro-style offense at Colorado. They insisted that I misinterpreted Kiesau's statements, and the intention was to implement a two back rushing attack, not to try to trust Cody Hawkins to throw the ball 30 or 35 times a game.

Instead, what they got was Hawkins throwing the ball 42 times...and those touted running backs getting about a dozen carris.

Jlew's nomination:

I nominate Ed Cunningham and Ron Franklin the ESPN announcers for my cob of the week. During the Missouri Illinois game Missouri's linebacker Sean Weatherspoon's girlfriend had a shirt on that featured "Spoon's Hit List". A list of quarterbacks that Missouri will play this year, and that evidently Weatherspoon is going to hit.

On that list was Zac Lee, only those 2 couldn't figure out who this Zac Lee person was. They ultimately decided that the shirt was wrong and had meant to feature Zac Robinson from OSU on it. Way to do your homework ESPN announcers, you may not know who Zac Lee is yet, but I'm willing to bet by the end of the season you will.

Update by Husker Mike: Here's it is for those of you who weren't watching the Mizzou game...

Corn Blight:

You can't let the week go by without a nomination for Oklahoma's offensive line. Their ineptitude goes beyond the injury to Sam Bradford. In fact, our Oklahoma buddies over at Crimson and Cream Machine do a good job of breaking down what happened to the Sooners. You can't blame backup quarterback Landry Jones for looking nervous (scared?) - would you want to get behind the bunch of lardtards the Sooners had out there masquerading as protection?