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Open College Game Day Thread

The Ohio State University having some problems with Navy but looks like it will pull out a win.

Iowa having it's problems as well with Northern Iowa.

Minnesota and Syracuse locked in a tight battle.

The afternoon games kickoff here in about half and hour. I'll be watching Oklahoma Lite.

Consider this your open game day thread to talk about all the first weekend action.

This is some great info on posting pictures from SBNation blog Royals Review-

I want to see some funny pictures in the game threads damn it! -JLew

As stated in the Posting Pictures diary earlier, any image that you want to show up in a post has to be published somewhere on the internet. Actually, it must have an "address" that the blog can go to and retrieve the picture from.  This makes posting images that are already online significantly easier to post if you know the codes to get them to show up...

<img src="image location on the web">

To get one of your prized photos posted of Gordon striking out on an inside fastball (soon to be a collectors item I hope), you need to take the picture from your files on your computer and put it online at an image hosting website.  This is a very simple exercise.

  1. Find an image hosting website.  You could google "image hosting" or just use for a good start.
  2. Follow directions for uploading an image.  With ImageShack, this is simple. Click "Browse", select your file, and click "host it".
  3. You should now have a list of possiblities for displaying the image.
  4. Ignoring the myriad of options for now--we want the actual address of the image for our purposes, which would be the last option "Direct link to image"
  5. Copy the url (http.....etc) and paste it into the image source tag we discussed in the last diary....

<img src="image location on the web">

And there you go.  Basically, once you can get a picture of yours to show up on a website you can make it show up on this blog.  What website you use is of little difference. If some other picture upload site works better for you or you are already using a different website to show your Aunt Matilda who lives in Jersey your pictures of Al Gore dumping his trash in the ditch near the old Blue Ridge Mall, go ahead.  Right click on the picture, select "copy image location" and paste it into our tag.