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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Florida Atlantic Owls - Game Thread

JLew coming to you from deep in the land of the purple. Please feel free to chime in with any thoughts, observations, questions or funny pictures you may have.

Couple of last minute things to watch for-

  1. No laundry on the field
    First game of the season, with a new QB. Let's hope NU can keep the false starts, delay of game, and illegal subsitution penalties to a minimum. That goes for burning timeouts to get the play correct as well.
    Defense communication
    We have heard it's gotten better, NU needs to limit the defensive breakdowns, and pick off some passes.
    Will the offense come out firing on all cylinders?
    Watching some of the games on Thurs. night you can see that the defenses have been ahead of the offenses. Will NU take a game or two to get rolling?

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