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Cornflakes: Where no punches are thrown

Since this will be everywhere anyway you might as well see it here-

Postgame punch mars No. 14 Boise State's commanding win over No. 16 Oregon -ESPN
Fast forward to about 1:25 remaining in the clip to see the punch.

Oklahoma State University – rumor mill is churning " freelantz sports media
Oklahoma State has a lot of bad stuff happening right before their opener with Georgia. Zac Robinson injured? Who knows, but interesting that credible news sources began using a story from a fantasy-based web site as their source.

Lots of hate out there-

The 2009 Hater’s Guide To The Top 25 - College Football - Deadspin
Spencer Hall from Every Day Should Be Saturday goes through and gives 1 line as why you should hate everyone in the top 25. Yes Nebraska is in there.

Answering the Haters - The 2009 Nebraska Schedule Prediction
.AJ the Husker H8er decides he needs to do a prediction of his own about Nebraska. He puts the Huskers at 5-7. I'm very proud of him because that's as high as he could go without putting us at .500. - CB

After the jump we get into all the latest and greatest Husker news, Smart Football shows you how to out-smart an offense, while making you smarter, and have you seen the billboard about Charlie Weis? You should, it's after the jump as well.

Husker News-

Big 12 predictions for this week - Big 12 - ESPN
You have seen ours, now see what an "expert" thinks.

Will the Big 12 North ever rise again?
Randy Riggs at the Austin American-Statesman asks the question, goes on to point out all the advantages that the South has over the North, why the whole Big 12 North sucks, and there's nothing to be done about it, convincing me that I hope Texas and Oklahoma lose all their games. - CB - Lincoln, Nebraska - Football
Husker diary: Marcel Jones

DT Suh planning final campaign for No. 24 Huskers - Breaking News - Sports -
"When I see him play, I think to myself that this is as good as I've seen around here," said McBride, who coached All-Americans such as Neil Smith, Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter. "He's got all the tools anybody had. You could take a piece of all the guys I had - athleticism, ability to run, stuff like that - and you would have one Ndamukong Suh." - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red - Football Notes: QB Green progressing
After practice, Watson raved about Green's recent pre-snap decision-making, sort of comparing the first-year quarterback's practice performance to that of a seasoned veteran. Green is "football smart," Watson said. Interesting...

Daily Nebraskan - Huskers have high expectations for Pelini’s 2009 defense
Asante reiterated that the confusion is gone, which in turn leaves less room for excuses come game day. Each player knows what every other player is doing and why he is doing it, allowing players like Asante and Suh the opportunity to go after the ball more often.
This is what I'm talking about. Look out for year 2!

Ranking the Big 12's defenses - Big 12 - ESPN
3. Nebraska: It all starts with the defensive line, which is among the best in the nation with Outland Candidate Ndamukong Suh and defensive ends Pierre Allen and Barry Turner. The Cornhuskers are young at linebacker where they might start two linebackers, although coaches really like 6-foot-6, 230-pound buck linebacker Sean Fisher and Will Compton. Coaches say the secondary is playing with more confidence, but the group produced only 12 interceptions last season. Boosting that turnover production will be critical in the Cornhuskers’ division title hopes.

Friendship brings Nebraska hoops, comedian together
Doc Sadler and Larry the Cable Guy hit the road together. Does his help recruiting or hurt it? Hmmmmm...... - CB

General Riff-Raff-

This post is about game planning and play-selection | Smart Football
Go to the link, read this and the links posted there and feel smarter.

Charlie Weis Billboard
Click the link to go to doubleextrapoint and see the billboard for Weis. Awwww that's not nice.

Missouri Football Preview: 2009 State of the Union
Barking Carnival does a Mizzou preview while managing to insult our entire half the conference. A good preview if you read it like that guy you know who always wanted to be a cop but ended up being a security guard.

Syracuse Football Hurts, Dougmarrone Can Help
.Seriously - you need to watch this, then thank God you're not one of them. - CB