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Cornflakes: Hate Week is on!

Diary of a Hater: It's On
Rot in hell you arrogant, toothless, straw-hat wearing, Ricky Skaggs listening, John Deere driving, Adrian Fiala worshiping, gum chomping, balloon releasing, tunnel walk obsessing, delusional illiterate f*ckheads.
Missouri - Nebraska Hate week is on? Holy Crap! I'd better get started! - CB I hereby declare Hate Week® officially open.

Is Nebraska Back (Part 2)? (BigRedNetwork)
Please. I'm begging. Just stop asking this question. As long as it's a question, the answer is a resounding "No!"

Hey Mom! If you want your recruit son to graduate, send him to Nebraska!
Reader James Soukup of St. Paul, Minn., notes Nebraska -- which Saturday played in throwback 1962 uniforms, commemorating a 300-game home packed-house streak beginning that year -- is up to an "exhausted eligibility" rate of 94 percent, meaning Nebraska athletes don't quit or become academically ineligible -- they stick around till graduation. Boston College, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Wake Forest are among big-money programs that have strong graduation rates for football players; Cal, Florida, Oklahoma and Tennessee have rates they should be ashamed of..TMQ maintains that academic success is a matter of expectations -- if incoming players are told they are expected to study and graduate, as happens at Nebraska, they respond with academic effort. If incoming players are told they can party and skip class, that's what they do.

NCAA Double-A Zone: Is twitter a necessary part of athletics?
While I am a big supporter of social media Web sites, I am tired of writing about athletes making headlines for using them as a soap box. I support the opportunity for everyone to express his or her opinions openly, but I also think that by agreeing to be part of a team you accept a different set of rules and responsibilities than the average person.
The NCAA's Double-A Zone blog weighs in on the use of twitter by student athletes. The idea that student-athletes should not allowed social media access is incredibly stupid. Read the third response to the article - that's the one that makes sense to me. It's spot on. - CB

Barking Carnival - Why The Big 12 TV Contracts Stink
Husker Mike nominated Big 12 Scheduling as one of his nominations for the "Big 12 Cob of the Week". Barking Carnival adds some fuel to that fire - as to why the TV contracts stink for the Big 12. It's all about bad scheduling. Interesting point. - CB

Florida State Must Schedule Smarter: Wins Matter, Schedule Doesn't - Tomahawk Nation
I am just astounded at the voters.  While the AP poll has a few voters who recognize only on-field play and eschew pre-season notions, that doesn't matter because the AP Poll doesn't factor in the BCS.  Only the coaches poll matters, and their poll is pretty clear.  Coaches don't have time to watch the games of other teams, and they definitely don't have time to consider silly questions like "their record is X-X, but against whom did they compile that record?"  No, the coaches poll, the poll that factors in the BCS, seems to be concerned only with record, no matter how compiled.
FSUncensored argues that Florida State should be playing a weaker schedule because there is no reward for a tough one. It's a pathetic sentiment, but I'd ask you to argue against his points if you can. Fact is, the polls are more worthless than ever, and they pick the national title contenders. - CB

NE - Keeping It Rolling
I liked this factoid: offense averages 6.98 yards per play – that’s seventh in Division I