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Bo Pelini Interview on Jim Rome

Bo Pelini appeared on Jim Rome's ESPN talk show this afternoon.  Among the topics:

  • NU is competing this year for a Big XII Championship
  • Zac Lee is a talented athlete and leader who has the tools; he's just inexperienced.  Just needs to manage the game and play within himself.
  • Players now understand what Pelini expects and his expectations have increased
  • To win championships, you need to be able to run the ball and stop the run.  "That comes first."
  • The Big XII compares very favorably right now with the SEC.
  • The defense improved quite a bit last year from 2007 (no duh!), but was "nowhere near" where he wants his group to be.  The Blackshirts aren't there yet, but he's excited about this defense.
  • Pelini credits Tom Osborne for helping him understand the culture, tradition, and fan base at Nebraska, and how important Husker football is to the entire state.  He then says that Bill Callahan "didn't have that", pointing out the previous athletic director failed Callahan in that regard.