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Week 1 Predictions

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Once again, your intrepid (insipid?) bloggers here at CornNation will predict some of the big games of the week, focusing primarily on the Big XII games.  This week, it seems that nearly all of the big college football games involve Big XII teams.  Kudos to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Missouri for "scheduling up" and not just scheduling patsies for an easy win.

So onto the picks:

Colorado State (+11) at Colorado

JLew: Always an interesting game, seems like it should be played during rivalry week. Closer game than the spread indicates, and I don't see either team scoring a lot of points. CU 21 CSU 17

Corn Blight: Do you support other Big 12 schools in their non-conference schedule? You should, especially Big 12 North teams. This side of the conference needs all the respect it can get. I think Colorado will win this game, but I’m skeptical of the +11 points. CU 24 CSU 14

Husker Mike:  Since it's played in Boulder this year, the chances of a riot are slightly diminished.  Spreads in the first week are pretty much wild guesses, but I think CU will win this game at home.  I'm more concerned about CU's next game just 5 days later on the road.  CU 17, CSU 13

Illinois (-7) vs. Missouri (at St. Louis)

Corn Blight: Ron Zook vs Gary Pinkel.… hmm.…. at least Gary Pinkel’s done something, and the "Pinkel Factor" usually doesn’t take affect until later in the season. I’d like Missouri to win this game, and I think they will, despite all the "newness" in Columbia. Missouri 31 Illinois 27

JLew: New QB for Mizzou, and I hate to break it to you Tiger fans, Gabbert was a Bill Callahan recruit, did you see how his other QB recruits ended up? Not even first round pick Freeman played well in college. Illinois wins in a high scoring game.  UI 35 MU 27.

Husker Mike:  Joe Ganz and Zac Lee were also Billy C recruits, so not all BC recruits went south.  But this is a tough matchup for a Tiger team needing to replace so many starters.  Illini 31, Mizzou 17

Oklahoma (-22) vs. BYU (under Jerry Jones new TV)

Husker Mike:  Jermaine Gresham is out now, which means that Sam Bradford is working with all new receivers.  But the defense is still stout.  OU 35, BYU 10, TV 2 (punts)

JLew:  OU rolls in the second half, hopefully no footballs are lost in the giant TV. OU 42 BYU 23

Corn Blight: BYU is bedazzled by the brilliance of modern construction and caffeine. And then there’s Oklahoma. Oklahoma covers. They’re not leaving anything to chance this season. Oklahoma 65 BYU 21

Georgia (+5.5) at Oklahoma State

JLew:  Can the Dawgs replace Moreno, and Stafford? Maybe, but in this game OSU rides experience at the QB and WR to win, OSU 31 UGA 27.

Corn Blight: Lots of turmoil around the Okie program this week. Still, everybody scores, but the Cowboys score more. Georgia’s offense isn’t used to running up and down the field as much, so by the third quarter, they’re too pooped to keep up. Oklahoma State 45 Georgia 31

Husker Mike:  Depending on which rumor you hear, you have to wonder just who is going to play for the Pokes. But Georgia has to replace a little too much.  OSU 28, UGA 17

Baylor (+2) at Wake Forest

Corn Blight: Robert Griffin runs real fast. I mean, really fast, especially when striding out. The only people who understand this are other track stars and defensive backs who try to tackle him. Except Jordan Lake. He can tackle anyone. Baylor 28, Wake Forest 23

Husker Mike:  This is probably the most intriguing Big XII matchup of the weekend.  Baylor has all of the returning talent from a team that showed signs of life last year.  But can they pull off one of the upsets they threatened with last year?  Baylor 24, Wake 21

JLew:  I'm not buying the Baylor hype machine. Prove it to me and maybe I'll be worried when NU plays in Waco. Wake 24 Baylor 21

Alabama (-6.5) vs. Virginia Tech (in Atlanta)

Husker Mike:  Tyrod Taylor is back, but Darren Evans and Macho Harris aren't.  Frank Beamer always has a defense, and usually finds a running back.  Nick Saban has probably been stewing over the end of last season.  This one should be a defensive battle:  Bama 17, VT 13

JLew:  Tech losing their RB hurts, Tech goes down in Hot-lanta. Bama 24 VaTech 17

Corn Blight: Who’s offense can score in double digits? Probably neither, at least against each other’s defense. This one is a traditional ass-kicking game. I love those types of games. Anyone can win at any time. It just takes one fumble. Unfortunately for the Hokies, they always start slow. Alabama 13 VA Tech 12

New Mexico (+14.5) at Texas A&M

JLew:  Stop me if you have heard this one before, so a re-tread NFL coach coach comes to the B12... Anyway ATM wins, there is much kissing. ATM 34 New Mexico 17

Corn Blight: The guy who writes these predictions first gets the best comments (NFL retread, JLew?), and he who waits until last has to struggle. The buzz around A&M’s program is so bad that Bill Byrne will have to leave with Mike Sherman at the end of the season unless Sherman can pull off a miracle. NOT bloody likely! Texas A&M 21 New Mexico 14

Husker Mike:  No way Sherman loses another season opener.  Right?  I'm not hearing a lot of confidence.  Well, New Mexico is starting over with a new coaching staff.  So Sherman gets a break in the opener. A&M 31, NM 9

Florida Atlantic (+23) at Nebraska

Corn Blight: Didn’t we just do this one? Gack! I’m predicting completely different scores than in my preseason prediction segment because I change my mind that often. Nebraska squashes them, but in the second half. NU 42 FAU 24

Husker Mike:  Yeah, you wanted scores on each game.  Now you want consistency?  Sheesh!  How about this:  Osborne interrupts the pregame coin toss by arriving via helicopter.  Fans go nuts; team goes nuts.  Officials go nuts as well, issuing a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to start the game.  Doesn't matter.  FAU is one dimensional, and while the Blackshirts occasionally get burned, NU rolls.  NU 45, FAU 14

JLew:  Nice test for the secondary, but the pass rush constantly bothers Smith. Huskers don't cover though, they win by 21. NU 38-17

So what are your predictions?  Let's hear 'em!