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The Big 12 Cob of the Week - Mizzou's Line, Big 12 Schedulers, Robert Griffin's ACL & Mike Leach - The Worst of the Big 12?

So I'm a little behind (pun!) on my posting. CB has been after to me to get in gear, but other than Virginia Tech, it's been hard to get excited about games against Sun Belt teams. Now that the Big 12 is coming up, I'm starting to get excited! It's time for the Big Red to shine and take back the conference!

But before I can start talking about how our Huskers are going to smash the rest of the Big 12 North, we have to deal with this week's "Cob of the Week" nominations. If you haven't been here before (and who hasn't?), we nominate the worst performances in the Big 12 from last week.

They come after this jump line, so keep reading!

Cobby: Mike Leach Master Understands Distraction

Everyone knows Mike Leach likes pirates. He has pirates in his office. He has a pirate parking place. Too bad pirates don't like him though.

Everybody has had that friend when they were young that had to do things different because it attracted attention. Remember how Tommie would blurt out a line of cuss words at lunch for no reason? Everybody thought he had some disease, but no, Tommie just wanted to be noticed. Tommie grew out of it (mostly). Mike Leach didn't.

Now comes news from Leach that players don't need Twitter or Facebook. They cause distraction. They draw attention to the players instead of the team. What they really do is draw attention away from Mike Leach.

Leach said players don't need Twitter or Facebook. He called them "stupid" distractions.

"I think that a guy who plays college football gets enough attention," he said. It's "a bunch of narcissists that want to sit and type stuff about themselves all the time. We'll put mirrors in some of their lockers if that's necessary but they don't have to Twitter."

I guess if anyone could recognize narcissism, it'd be Captain Piratehead himself. (See! A play on Jimmy Buffet's Parrot Heads..... does Tech have a group that call themselves Pirate Heads? I bet they do next week!)

Husker Mike: Missouri's Offensive Line & Big 12 Schedule Makers

Missouri's offensive line would be my candidate. They can't even block teams like Nevada and Bowling Green; how's that going to work against Big XII defenses? Derrick Washington has been rendered helpless by this hapless group; on Friday night against Nevada, he was stuck in neutral almost all game until he busted a long run on his own, shaking off two tacklers in the backfield to triple his yardage totals for the game.

Big XII schedule makers. What a horrible slate of conference games last weekend. 3 FCS teams and two byes on the schedule. Are you guys trying to make us watch baseball on Saturdays?

JLew: Robert Griffin's ACL

It deserves a cob for ruining (potentially) Baylor's season. Hurts bad when it's a team trying to break through without a lot of depth. Oklahoma can deal with Bradford's injury better than Baylor can deal with losing their QB.