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The 300th Consecutive Sell Out! - Nebraska vs ULL: Game Day Photos

Our man professional photographer Dennis Hubbard made the 300th consecutive sell out just so we could have great photos of our star guys in those throwback unis. What a fun day to be in Lincoln! 

If you like, feel free to make your own captions in the comments section. And if you have questions on how to post links to your own photos of "300th" day - please ask, we'd love to see them! 

This is an absolutely gorgeous picture, love these uniforms. Yeah, that's it! Hey! The old school sweater look is really popular with fans! 
Da Field 
Roy Helu Jr with both hands on the ball -  he did have a fumble near the goal line, but Ben Cotton jumped on it to save the score. 
Zac Lee so fast he doesn't touch the ground! At least in this one his tongue isn't doing all the work. 
Ndamukong Suh doing what he does best - kill the guy with the ball! Another excellent photo of our favorite quarterback hunter-killer. 
Da Scoreboard