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Cornflakes: Bracing for the BYE

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Good time for a bye week, but man it sucks to wait for more football. Do yourself a favor and stay off of the Missouri boards. To them it seems that NU will be no challenge for the Tigers. Such delusional thoughts should not be reinforced with readership. No cats this week. Should I bring them back before the Mizzou Game? CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 4
Nebraska comes in at #6, if you don't agree write out the top 30 or so teams, look at wins vs losses. Who lost to who and tell me NU isn't under-rated at #24.

Figuring out college football this season doesn't pay -
Eight reasons from the past weekend why, when it comes to predicting college football, you'd be better off using a Ouija board.
There seems to be 4 top tier teams, and then a slew of other teams. which is why...

Steven M. Sipple: Coaching now more important
Also from the article, what do you think about this?
I agree with a suggestion e-mailed to me by one of Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead’s former coaches: Line up Burkhead and Roy Helu in the same backfield more often, then send Sir Rex in motion to become a slot receiver. The kid looks great catching and running. - Gilleylen giving Lee deep target
All told, Gilleylen has the Huskers' five longest receptions this season at 51, 43, 43, 42 and 35 yards. Tight end Dreu Young has the next longest at 34 yards.

Tennessee Titans check out Ndamukong Suh
Titans scouts were at the ULL game checking out Suh. The impressive senior defensive end could be a great addition to the Tennessee defense.

Texas Tech invites the public to a gallery of team frustration - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
Texas Tech looks to be melting down this season