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Cornflakes: Ragin Cajuns Review

Game recaps-

Domination: Huskers send Cajuns packing - Huskers dominate, win 55-0 in 300th straight sellout

Nebraska shuts down La.-Lafayette in 300th straight consecutive sellout - NCAA College Football Recap - ESPN

NE - Huskers Thump Cajuns - Huskers marshal the defense, outflank Lafayette

Report card: Nebraska vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
Only 1 B and a C for this game.

Moving Forward-

Steven M. Sipple: As Big 12 slate arrives, NU is North favorite
Because of a strong defense and the best running game from the North.

Game notes: Thenarse knee injury doesn’t look good
This sucks, long and hard, looks better for Asante though-
Sanders said Asante has an ankle injury, and it happened right when Asante made his break on the ball. "He ran the whole distance with that bad ankle," Sanders said. "It was kind of an adrenaline thing for him.


Texas breaks through at NU Coliseum
This is a young team that is pressing right now.

Things you should know-

Who Would Win In A KU Basketball V. Football Fight?
The Match Ups you've been wondering about!