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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Louisiana-Layafette Ragin' Cajuns Postgame Overreaction

The 300th sell-out went as expected, with Nebraska crushing an inferior opponent into the ground as they've done so many times over the past 47 years. It wasn't great football, but it was a great celebration. The game was a good old-fashioned Nebraska butt-kicking, with the Huskers taking a 34-0 halftime lead on their way to the first shutout since 2006.

It was a game in which everyone got to play and there was plenty of time to talk about past games and recognize Husker legends without having to worry about the game being close. The Husker defense made sure the Cajuns could do nothing while the Husker offense scored on their first five possessions, piling up three touchdowns and two field goals. 

There are some things to be concerned about. Even in a 55-0 route, Nebraska's offense isn't nearly as crisp as it should be, especially if we expect to make a lot of noise in the Big 12.

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Some quick notes on what we saw from the offense: 

- Zac Lee is a work in progress. He made some throws that were way off the mark. If this shocks you, it's kind of your fault for setting your expectations so high. He's a first-year starter, and everyone knew going in there would be some growing pains. Still, maybe I'm just picking nits, as he was 15 for 18 for 238 yards and a touchdown. 

- The rushing offense had some issues. Short yardage wasn't good, and Helu's fumble into the end zone. The Huskers had a 3.9 yard per carry average as a team, but it doesn't help when you're losing yardage on bad snaps either. 

- Is there any doubt left that Cody Green is not a suitable replacement for Zac Lee at this point in time? Someday the guy might be an incredible quarterback, but right now he just needs to grow and learn. 

- Work out the long snapping, Jacob Hickman

- For that matter, what is with the wide receivers and tight ends having false start problems? Did you love the look that Bo Pelini gave Kyler Reed after he got one attempting to convert a fourth and short? 

The defense is exceptional, possibly the best in the Big 12. Having a solid front four is an unbelievable benefit. 

- It was cool that Cameron Meredith got the first sack against ULL that they'd given up this year. I don't know why, but I like this guy. 

- Do they track batted balls? Maybe they should. Ndamukong Suh would be leading in that category, easily.

- Larry Asante AND Rickey Thenarse injured. That sucks a lot. Hopefully neither is serious, especially Asante's. The guy is playing at an All-Big 12 level. It isn't just that we can't afford to lose him, it's that it's hellacious fun to see how well he's playing now after what he's been through the past couple years. 

Should the Blackshirts be handed out after this game? No. It's Louisiana-Lafayette, for crying out loud. They were supposed to be destroyed. Beat Missouri, and you can hand out Blackshirts, unless Bo Pelini uses them for motivation before the team heads to Columbia. 

There's still time to get Ndamukong Suh's throwback uniform, but if you want it, you're going to have to sell out the bucks. As of this writing, it's at $3,125.