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Predictions Week 4

Well it was a rough week, and Corn Nation is ready to move on. Last week everyone missed the closer than expected Texas tech/Texas and Tenn/Flordia games. Corn Blight beat himself up so much that he nominated himself for a cob of the week.  It's been so bad that now it's Cobby trying to coax Blight back to the keyboard. Try lining up some beers in a path to the computer, Cobby. Sure his picks might not make much since after a case or two, but at least then the B12 games would be watchable this week.


Name Score ATS
Husker Mike 23-8
Corn Blight 20-11
JLew 22-9

If you go against my picks every week, then boom Big Profit!

Still we press on with the picks-


Missouri (-7.5) @ Nevada

Husker Mike: Nevada has given up 35 points in both of their first two games.  Missouri has looked really good at times (against Illinois) and really bad at times (first half against Bowling Green).  Colin Kaepernick was touted going into the season, but has thrown 4 interceptions in two games.  Doesn't get any easier:  Mizzou 35, Nevada13

JLew: Not sure why Missouri is only a 7.5 favorite, I suppose maybe because this is the first true road game. The only question would be how the Chosen One handles the road, and Nevada loading the box, forcing him to throw. The crowd should be fired up, but Missouri wins, and feels too good about themselves again before Nebraska comes to town. MU 31 Nevada 21

Southern Miss (+13.5) @ Kansas

Husker Mike: The Jayhawks had to prepare to fight two foes:  Larry Fedora's Golden Eagles and Bill Self's basketball team.  Normally, I'd think this would be an easy KU win...but with this week's distractions, who knows?  KU football 38, Southern Miss 17, KU hoops 66

JLew: KU has assured everyone that after a 15 min meeting, the basketball and football players have come to understand that they BOTH play for Kansas. How this was confusing to the teams was not explained… With the basketball players in the stands rooting for the football team, KU wins, and both teams learn a little something about acceptance. Disney swoops in to buy the rights to the story. KU 40 Southern Miss 20.

Army (+10) @ Iowa State

Husker Mike: This is a huge game for the Cyclones, as they can top last year's win total going into the conference season. Win, and maybe they could even find a way to win 6 and get to a bowl.  Lose, and uh oh.  Cyclones 27, Black Knights 21

JLew: Army can’t pass, at all. ISU can a little. Army has a former offensive tackle playing WR. ISU has WRs playing WR. Game depends on ISU controlling the option game. I think ISU is strong enough in the trenches to win. Cyclones 21, Army 13

UAB (+15) @ Texas A&M

Husker Mike: Just what A&M's defense didn't need...another opponent capable of putting yards and points on the board.  This one could be WAC-like.  Aggies 42, UAB 35.

JLew: No defenses! Like Mike says high scores. Oh and anyone else see ATM having such a good offense? Hmmmm a good offense with a bad defense, old NFL coach, this sounds familiar to me, I'm sure it will all end well and good though... ATM 45 UAB 30

UTEP (+35) @ Texas

JLew: Hmmm, has UTEP losing to KU 337-7. Yikes, Texas should be able to score more than that. Horns 322, UTEP 10 (so Texas to cover)

Husker Mike: UTEP lost to Turner Gill's Buffalo squad at home, and got beat soundly by Kansas at home.  Horns name their score. Texas 56, UTEP 10

Texas Tech (+1) @ Houston

JLew: Texas Tech played better than I expected at Texas. I don’t think that Houston can beat both OSU and Tech in the same season. Tech 39 Houston 35

Husker Mike: Houston has had two weeks to enjoy the spoils of upsetting the Cowboys.  Will the fame go to their head?  The campus is ready to take another pelt from a Big XII school, but can they deliver?  Tech surprised in Austin, so they might be due for a letdown as well.  Houston 38, Tech 35

Iowa (+9.5) @ Penn State

Husker Mike: If Penn State played somebody in the non-conference schedule, nobody would be touting them in the top ten.  As it is, they're getting too much pub for being undefeated at this point in the season.  But most of the top 20 would be as well with this schedule.  But this isn't the week that the Lions get exposed; Iowa saved the BCS from having to deal with an overrated undefeated Big MAC school last season by upsetting Penn State.  Nittany Kitties 28, Squawkeyes 13

JLew: Happy Valley will be too much for the Iowa team. Penn State looks to remain undefeated as it plays no one for quite some time. The pro-Big 10 media continues to freak out. JoePa looks confused by it all. What's a Nittany 34 Hawkeyes 17

Miami-FL (-2) @ Virginia Tech

Husker Mike: Miami's getting all the love nationally this week, while the Hokies are still reveling in their comeback last week.  (Ack. Errp.  Pfft.)  It's in Blacksburg, and college football loves the upset.  Hokies 21, Canes 17

JLew: No way, VaTech gets exposed at home this weekend. Nebraska gave Miami a prefect blueprint of how to beat them on defense. Plus Tech has not been able to stop the run game. As much as I hate Miami winning, I think they win BIG. The U 28 VaTech 9

ULL (+26) @ Nebraska

Husker Mike: Louisiana claimed a Big XII pelt by upsetting (?) Kansas State two weeks ago, but they'll be up against a Husker squad looking to make amends for last week's meltdown.  Huskers 45, Cajuns 6

JLew: Nebraska’s coaches have been happy with the practices this week. Lee looks to get some confidence back against some sweet Sunbelt action. Helu goes over 100 yards again, and Lincoln has 80,000+ OUTSIDE the stadium. If you’re going to Lincoln this weekend I'd get to a bar early and lay claim to your table.. Nebraska 42 ULL 10