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Cornflakes has moved on. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Pelini coy about plans at linebacker
Will Dillard at LB? Why shouldn't he? Has the team moved on? Is Mike Smith back? Will NU be able to handle the blitz tomorrow? The OWH has the answers, or at least more information on those questions. - Looking at the streak
Pictures and fans surround the sell-out streak

Life in the Red's Blog | Papuchis at BRB
Papuchis is giving a positive spin on things, saying the team has responded with the best practices he's seen since he's been here.
Bo has been happy with the practices as well, lay the points NU fans.

Daily Nebraskan - Seven football recruits to visit Lincoln on Husker game day
Let's seal the deal with some of these guys and wrap up this recruiting cycle.

Hey, NCAA, Guess What? It's Still a Lack of Institutional Control... - Bring On The Cats
Bracketcat at Bring on the Cats breaks down the KU situation, and the uninspiring response from KU officials.

Woody Paige Thinks the Buffs Should Look to the NFL After this Season
Our old buddy Woody Paige stopped briefly from cracking Nebraska jokes to throw another shovel of dirt on Dan Hawkins, and suggests names like Mike Shanahan and Tony Dungy to take over next season. It's great to think big...but where in the heck is Colorado getting the money to hire a Shanahan?


CU will need more money that that to hire Shanahan.