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Nebraska vs Virginia Tech Post Game Heart-Breaking Overreaction: Morning After Version

I thought I might wake up this morning and there would be a different outcome to yesterday's game. Didn't happen. Hokie receiver Danny Coale still got behind Matt O'Hanlon for a 84-yard reception that lead to Virginia Tech's touchdown. 

That's the play that will be remembered. After all, how do you let a receiver get behind you when the game is in the bag and the opposing quarterback can't hit the broad side of a barn, even when not under pressure? 

What a heart breaker. The Huskers played a darned fine game on both sides of the ball and in the end it was the cliché that killed us. "Beamer Ball". It's tired - it's so worn out that the Hokies fans are sick of hearing about it. 

It's unfortunate because there were so many other plays where Nebraska could have won this game. A first and goal drive ended with zero points after a downpour of penalties and mistakes forced the Huskers out of field goal range. 

Bo Pelini could have gone for it on fourth and one late in the game instead of punting the ball away. Virginia Tech's offense hadn't done anything all day. If you have faith in your defense, what would it have mattered if they'd have to go 50 yards or 80? He played it safe and it cost him the game. 

Zac Lee had a horrible game, finishing 11 for 30 and 136 yards and two interceptions. He had a streak of eight straight misses. The Huskers were running the ball all over the place, Roy Helu looking like the back we want him to be, yet Shawn Watson kept dialing up passes. I know the goal is to stay balanced, but if it ain't working, why keep trying? 

Two touchdowns were called back because of penalties - the bottom line here is there's plenty of blame to go around. It was a tough environment, Lee's first road start, the Hokies are a good team.... yeah, that covers the rationalization and excuse-making. 

In the end we lost because we didn't play well, made critical mistakes on both sides of the ball and got out-coached. The streak of not having beaten a Top 25 on the road since 1997 still stands. We'll have to hear about it in a couple weeks when the Huskers head to Columbia, Missouri to take on the Tigers. The Huskers have a lot of work to do until then.