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Cornflakes: The day after yesterday

O'Hanlon, and NU must bounch back
Nebraska was in cover-2, a defense where the two safeties are supposed to line up and, splitting the field in half, cover the two deepest zones.

NE - An Effort to Savor, A Loss to Forget
Talks about why cover 2 was called in the first place. - Suh will wish he had one play back

Huskers burned after breakdown

Steven M. Sipple: When Huskers flinched, Hokies pounced
Theme of the game, NU didn't finish.

Huskers drop heartbreaker at Virginia Tech

Last-minute Taylor TD pass gives Virginia Tech edge over Nebraska - NCAA College Football Recap - ESPN Instant Analysis - Va Tech 16 ... Nebraska 15

Game notes: JLS
Suh had a record 4 pass break ups, a record. news on Dillard, Helu, Suh, the call on 4th and 1, and others.

Anguished defeat of the day: Never let Hokies get behind you, Huskers - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
When they wake up in the morning, the 'Huskers may regret throwing so often, when Tech confounding Lee (11-of-30, two INTs) in his first start and the straight-ahead running game was making so much hay behind Roy Helu Jr. (168 yards on six per carry). They'll definitely kick themselves for settling for three field goals inside the Hokie red zone in the second quarter, and for falling asleep on the crucial possession late. But in terms of every-down blocking and tackling and reestablishing the physical presence that's been missing from the Big Red for so long,