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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #3 - Three Points! Field Goal, as in Alex Henery's 57-Yard Field Goal Against Colorado

Three days left to Florida Atlantic! Three! Whooeeeee! 

Three - the number of points in a field goal. And what a wonderful three points it is, especially when it comes as a school record against a hated foe such as the Colorado Buffaloes. And oh! So much elation for the Buffalo fans just moments before as they'd taken the lead. Next thing you know, their hopes are dashed, best summed up last November by Ralphie Report stating, "I Can't Believe That Happened: Nebraska Kicker Hits "One In A Million" 57 Yard Field Goal, Beats Colorado Buffaloes". 



It's wonderful to listen to the roar of that crowd as the ball goes through the posts. If that don't get you in the mode, you're either dead or an unbeliever.