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Cornflakes is ready for the road

A few more predictions to tide you over until game time.

Really I think Nebraska is in a great position. If they lose then you get the slew of Nebraska's not back stories, Tech's a better team, ect. But Nebraska hasn't really lost anything, they can still win the B12 North, can still get a signature victory over Oklahoma later and/or  possibly Texas. If NU wins then it'll look like we have a pretty special team on our hands. I do know that playing in a hostile environment will help for those B12 games on the road later in the season.

Stewart Mandel - VT 26 NU 23
Many believed this would be the year Bo Pelini returned Nebraska's defense to the days of Blackshirt prominence, but so far the Huskers rank just 50th nationally in total defense despite facing two Sun Belt foes. The Hokies certainly aren't going to set any scoring records, but running backs Ryan Williams and David Wilson can break some big gains.

Nebraska: Virginia Tech is no longer a game that Nebraska could win. The Huskers should win -
if all the optimism coming out of Lincoln has any credibility. Nebraska let one get away last year at home. Now they have the ability to dominate the Hokies with a balanced offense. Look for a big game from tailback Roy Helu (7.1 yards per carry). Last year, Helu gained only 21 yards in a 35-30 loss. Alabama proved that Virginia Tech might be soft up the middle with its linebackers. Don't blame Bo Pelini for buying in. He knows the gushing doesn't mean anything until his team actually accomplishes something. Nebraska hasn't beaten a top 15 opponent away from home since 1997.

Friday Quarterback: Hokies hold their ground - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
Now the prediction is VT 23 NU 15, so I guess 5 field goals?

Phil Steele has VT 27 NU 20
I don't think that he's factoring in the fact that last year was Pelini's first year. He like's VT's experience, but I'm liking the players that Tech lost on defense more.

Nebraska gets chance to measure itself against ranked team - Kansas City Star
Wait, what? This is a measuring stick game, where have I heard that before?

Is Zac Lee ready for the road?
This isn't a final exam for Lee, but it could tell us what kind of QB he will be. If he has a good or great game then imagine the possibilities.