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Week 3 Predictions

Corn Blight is off deep in the Corn Cave breaking down VaTech film, and convincing Cobby that he did not have a vision of Suh having 11 sacks in the game tomorrow, he was watching the Waterboy while coming out of his coma. His picks will be posted once he gets Cobby to stop calling Suh "Captain Insano."

[Updated - 7:52 pm: Finally! Man, he's persisent!]

After a rough week for the Big 12 here's where your intrepid Corn Nation bloggers are at overall-

Name Score ATS
Husker Mike 15-6 12-9
Corn Blight 14-7 8-13
JLew 13-8 7-14

Husker Mike is just giving this stuff away people.

On to the picks!

UConn (+10) @ Baylor

Husker Mike: Stop and think about that, Robert Griffin and company nearly knocked off UConn last year there.  Baylor takes out another BCS conference foe.  DaBearsh 28, UConn 20

JLew: So asked Baylor to prove it in week 1, and they did. Baylor wins again. BU 31 UConn 21

Corn Blight: RGIII goes Zip! Bam! Pow! This would be a nice win for Baylor and they should get it. Baylor 34, UConn 21 

Wyoming (+7) @ Colorado

Husker Mike: This is the season for the Buffies, and the most important game in Dan Hawkins career.  Win, and maybe something can be salvaged.  Lose, and 0-12 suddenly becomes a very probable result.  But does anybody really believe the Buffs have another victory in them?  Cowboys 35, Boofs 20

JLew: Classic double up scheme: you keep betting on black (and gold) doubling your bet until it finally hits. If it doesn’t hit here I think it’ll eat my bank account before black (and gold) are a winner. Backs against the wall, and they have more talent than Wyoming- CU win.
CU 24 Wyoming 13

Corn Blight: I don't see Colorado winning this game despite what Dan Hawkins thinks about starting 0-2 and turning it around. Where Coloado goes from here - the Coors brewery offers massive discounts statewide.   Wyoming 23, Colorado 14

Iowa State (-2) @ Kent State

JLew: ISU comes back with a win, and any win is a good win for ISU. Cyclones 23 Kent State 17

Husker Mike: The Cyclones laid an egg against cross-state foe Iowa, and now the MAC gets another shot at a Big XII school.  I don't think the Clones are as bad as they looked last week, and I don't think the MAC is as good as they showed last week.  ISU 24, Kent St. 21

Corn Blight: Iowa State has such a bad streak on the road. Hopefully it ends this week, but I doubt it.  Kent State 24, Iowa State 19 

Duke (+21.5) @ Kansas

Husker Mike: The matchup fans want...but in the wrong sport.  Duke lost to a 1-AA team to open the season, then came back to beat Army last week.  Rock Chalk 42, Doooooke 6

JLew: You can't tell me KU is becoming a football school when everyone is talking about what a good match-up this would be in basketball. Still KU's defense has looked pretty good, can the passing game get going? That's really the only question here. Fighting Mangino's 40, Duke's coach 9

Corn Blight: Kansas scores in bunches, Duke can’t do anything about it, basketball schools meeting on the gridiron blah blah blah.   Kansas 45, Duke 5

Tulsa (+15) @ Oklahoma

JLew: Tulsa should play well, but OU’s defense should allow Jones to keep learning on the job. Behold the power of the Stache! OU 40 Tula 17

Husker Mike: Tulsa is 2-0 and better than most people think (Sagarin #30)...but not THAT good...  Sooners 34, 'Cane 10

Corn Blight: Oklahoma 45, Tulsa 21

Rice (+32.5) @ Oklahoma State

Husker Mike: Like Duke/KU, this is the matchup fans a different sport.  No Wayne Graham for Rice?  No chance.  Cowpokes 45, Owls 7

JLew: Rice is really getting beat around by the B12 South. I hope they are getting paid a lot. OSU 37 Rice 7

Corn Blight: It's a matter of how many points Oklahoma State's defense gives up. I guess we're trying to see if they cover the spread, aren't we?   Oklahoma State 48, Rice 13

Texas Tech (+18) @ Texas

Avast ye Longhorns! Potts will have to be perfect to beat Texas, and he won’t be. Texas 37 Tech 17

Husker Mike: Texas has been seething over last November's game in Lubbock for 10 months, and the Raiders don't have Crabtree and Harrell anymore.  Texas 56, Tech 35

Corn Blight: The Longhorns are angry, vengeful. Tech sucks on the road, missing Graham Harrell, and Michael Crabtree, they'll suck in this one, too. Texas 38, Texas Tech 17 

Kansas State (+12.5) @ UCLA

Husker Mike: Yes, the Bruins suspended four guys for this weeks game.  But do you REALLY think this will help the woeful Wildcats?  This one will be ug-ly.  UCLA 26, Kansas State 8

JLew: What does a player have to do to get suspended by Neuheisel? Drug running? Force homeless people to fight? Run a fantasy football league for money? I really have no idea. Course he may have suspended them for this game because he knows the cheer squad could beat KSU right now. UCLA should be able to line every defender up within 15 yards as KSU has not shown any deep thread at all. 5 moar years! Give me a power cat growl! UCLA 17 KSU 7

Corn Blight: Kansas State is so bad, that UCLA decides to give them a point to start the game. It doesn't help.   UCLA 16, Kansas State 1 

Tennessee (+28.5) @ Florida

JLew: Why would you call down the thunder Lane? Well expect about 2 or 3 F-You TD’s late. You can still sing Rocky Top all you want though. Florida  42 Tenn 10

Husker Mike: Urban Meyer gets in the last word against Lane Kiffin.  Gators 84, Vols 6.  Hmmm...maybe that's overdoing it.  OK, how about Gators 52, Vols 10.

Corn Blight: I don't think it's overdoing it at all. Urban Meyer won't call off anything, and neither will Lane Kiffin, who I guarantee will make some stupid comment after the game. It's in his blood.  Florida 72, Vols 13

Nebraska (+4.5) @ Virginia Tech

Husker Mike: The exhibitions are over, and now we'll find out where Nebraska stands.  Heart says Huskers by a touchdown.  And while I can come up with a solid case for that prediction, I can come up with a better case for the alternative.  Sadly, VT 21, Huskers 20.

JLew: A few things scare me: First road game, and start for Lee and the other new starters on offense. First real challenge. The money line swung from +3 to +6 for Tech. NU’s run defense. The home record for VaTech. Thinking when was the last time NU played well in a measuring stick game? Carnies.

I find solace in a few things: Lee, I’m really close to drinking the kool-aid with him. I think he could be special, the kind of player that NU can lean on, one that can pick NU up in a hostile Blacksburg, course I’ll say this and he’ll throw 3 INTs on Sat... Nebraska being better this year. Knowing that VaTech will have to run the ball to win, if NU can stop that then they can and should win the game. And knowing is half the battle!
NU 30 VaTech 24 (Fan), but the pick goes 
VaTech 28 NU 24

Corn Blight: I've said plenty about this game already, but I didn't give a final score prediction. I agree with JLew's confidence in Lee. I also believe our defense will torment the Virginia Tech offense the same way they torment most of their torments. 24 points wins this game. I think Jlew has the right score, he just has it backwards. 

Nebraska 28, Virginia Tech 24.