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Cornflakes admires Lee's arm as well

Receivers admire Lee's arm; Watson loves his decisions (Omaha World-Herald)
Husker quarterback understands his role: manage the game first and foremost, then become a playmaker himself when the situation calls for it. Football Game Preview: #13 Virginia Tech vs. #19 Nebraska
Yet another blog preview, here's what they foresee-
Run the football, control the clock, win special teams, and limit the damage defensively. That's how I see Virginia Tech's game plan unfolding, and I see it being successful. The score in this one might wind up close, but I think the Hokies will be in control, much like last year.

Nebraska Cornhuskers RB Collins Okafor chooses to leave football program
Collins Okafor is no longer a Husker. Sad because he's an in-state recruit. Otherwise, Okafor was a ways down the depth chart and had to be disappointed when he watched walk-on Austin Jones get his first career carry last week against Arkansas State. Good luck to you, Mr. Okafor. - CB

Big 12: BTBS Box Scores - Rock M Nation
Another great look behind the numbers. They find that NU is under achieving with the running game, and is giving up too many rushing yards per attempt.

Daily Nebraskan - Practice 9/17/09
Injury news and more on Dillard from the DN

FAU wide receiver Cortez Gent suspended indefinitely
I know we already played them... but this was a surprise. Howard Schnellenberger disciplines his leading receiver. - CB

Mizzou-Nebraska T-Shirts
Missouri thinks so highly of us that they've created a "game" t-shirt. Other than the Missouri Tiger guy looks like he's driving a toy tractor, not bad.