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Nebraska vs Arkansas State: Exceptional Action Photos

Hey! Professional photographer Dennis Hubbard is back in action, doing what he does best - get exceptional action shots of Husker football! (He does a lot of other things, too ... other sports, and I'm pretty sure he eats and sleeps, but let's just pretend that all he does is go to Husker football games, shoot gobs of great photos, and power himself off until the next one... like some kind of camera holding android dude with an eye for action. Yeah. Like that.)

CN has access to AP photography this season, but those are only licensed for a little while.... like this season, which will go fast only because everyone can't stop waiting for the next weekend. Maybe if we treasured each moment in our lives, college football season would last a little longer. Perhaps you could take time today to hug an old person... pet a dog or just stay in the bathroom a little longer.... where was I??? 

Ah, yes, on to Dennis Hubbard's exceptional action photos. Maybe we should give him an acronym... Dennis Hubbard, EAP. Yes? 

Like Ganz before him, Lee's tongue does a lot of work during games. 
Ndamukong Suh - coming right at you! 
You should see this one of Roy Helu Jr in high res. Nice.... 
Kyler Reed
Rex Burkhead looks like a bowling ball dude, doesn't he? 
Zac Lee gets two because he's a quarterback and quarterbacks always get the girls and the press and that's the way it goes. If you don't like that, perhaps you should try harder to be a quarterback.