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Cornflakes likes a commit parade

Arkansas State insider
The LJS breaks down Arkansas State - Cornerback continues parade of NU commits
"He was being recruited by a lot of schools and basically, he was in the driver's seat," Lynn said. "We tried to let him know that when he felt good about a situation, he needed to pull the trigger. Don't wait. ... And he felt good about the Cornhuskers, so he went ahead and pulled the trigger."
Looks like the staff is starting to fill up this recruiting class. Not a lot of slots left.

Big Red Diary: Zac Lee
Lee has been about all you could want from a new QB. He's also very well spoken. See for yourself at the link.

Joe Posnanski -
Tweet from New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro: "Gosh it would be terrible if teams started running up the score on the undermanned Sooners now, wouldn't it?"
This quick one liner tweet made me laugh, a true lol.

Life in the Red's Blog | All in the family
Funny story from John Cook on Tuesday about his daughter sending him a text this week, asking if she needs to bring a UCLA t-shirt for her dad to wear when the Bruins come over for a team meal on Saturday.
For some reason I can see Coach Cook telling his daughter that he ran over her dog when she was in 3rd grade, and it's not living in the country on some farm, right before the match.

The Five Spot-
Tommie Frazier, the top college QB of all time.