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Cornflakes: Starting a New Dynasty

The Omaha World-Herald: Five things we learned in preseason camp

The Omaha World-Herald: Five things we still don't know

The Omaha World-Herald: Sports - Shatel: Bet on NU to continue to improve
Look for improvement, as well as next year to be THE year.
Already looking ahead it does look like next year could be awesome.

Ndamukong Suh, Eric Berry should be 2009 Heisman finalists - Andy Staples -
If he reaches the end zone for the fourth time in his career, Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh might reprise the Ducky Dance. The 300-pounder debuted the jig, named after a Parasaurolophus from The Land Before Time movie series, last season after he lined up at fullback and caught a touchdown pass against Kansas. But could Suh, a player NFL scouts could consider the nation's best college football player by season's end, use such a moment to make a more iconic statement?
We have said it here before, Suh for Heisman!

The Omaha World-Herald: Sports - Shatel: Watson works puzzle pieces
"Somebody's got to tell me what a spread is,'' Watson said. "What is spread? Is it four receivers on the field, is that spread? Three receivers? "There's all kinds of definitions. We evolved to more of a read-run game, more of that stuff. We're going to stay multiple.'' 50 Thoughts On 50 Coaches
22. ... Nebraska is starting to take on the personality of Bo Pelini, and that’s a good thing. After a decade of lower-key coaches Frank Solich and Bill Callahan, the Huskers are benefiting from the passion, intensity, and sense of camaraderie that Pelini is bringing to the sidelines and the locker room.

Anterio Sloan Decommits; Nebraska Now Down To 5 Recruits For 2010
Nebraska now has only 5 recruits for next year, everyone else in the B12 other than CU and ISU have 10 or more. This is going to be a small class, but I think there is some reason to start being concerned. Anyone out there concerned?

See who moved KU ahead of NU for the B12 North, what top 25 has Nebraska at #2, and was Nebraska the greatest college football dynasty? All after the jump.

Big 12 mailbag: Why I flip-flopped to Kansas this week - Big 12 - ESPN
Interesting tidbit from the link-
It turns out that 25 opponents have an all-time winning record over the Cornhuskers, including two Big 12 opponents. Here are the teams with a winning record against Nebraska with the Cornhuskers' winning percentage against them listed: Penn State, 6-7, .462; Oklahoma 37-44-3, .458; Indiana, 7-9-3, .447; Michigan, 2-3-1, .417; Syracuse 5-7, .417; Minnesota, 20-29-2, .412; Alabama, 2-3, .400; Texas, 4-8, .333; Pittsburgh, 6-15-3, .312; Washington State, 1-3, .250; Arizona, 0-1-1, .250; Florida State, 2-6, .250; USC, 0-3-1, .125; Camp Dodge, 0-1, .000; Georgia Tech, 0-1, .000; Mississippi, 0-1, .000; Iowa Pre-Flight, 0-1, .000; Arkansas, 0-1, .000; Stanford, 0-1, .000; Duke, 0-1, .000; Houston, 0-1, .000; St. Louis, 0-1, .000; Carlisle, 0-1, .000; Purdue, 0-1, .000; and Ohio State, 0-2, .000. Note: For ties, I counted a half win and half loss for the game.

This Top 25 involves more than success on field - College football-
No. 2: Memorial Stadium, Nebraska (Big 12) The most loyal, respectful and knowledgeable fans in all of college football, as evidenced by the longest sellout streak in the sport, dating back to 1962. What’s more, this stadium is more than just a sea of red — it’s the most underrated venue in college football for its historical value. For example, in each of its four corners there are mottos to live by, such as "Courage; Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In these are the true awards of manly sport." Or another, just outside the stadium, "through these gates, pass the greatest fans in college football." Indeed. The Greatest College Football Dynasties
3. Nebraska (1993-1997) - This was the last great run by the Huskers. And arguably the best in the fabled history of the program. In five seasons, Nebraska earned a piece of three national championships, missing out on a fourth with an 18-16 loss to Florida State in the 1994 Orange Bowl. The Huskers didn’t just win, going 60-3 in Tom Osborne’s final five seasons, often obliterating opponents with a relentless ground game and the attacking Blackshirts D. Some of the all-time greats featured during this vintage period included QB Tommie Frazier, RB Ahman Green, and linemen Aaron Taylor, Zach Wiegert, Grant Wistrom, and Jason Peter. The seminal moment for the Huskers in the 1990s was their 62-24 Fiesta Bowl destruction of Florida to win the 1995 crown.
Ahhh glory days.