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Countdown to Husker Football Season: #4 - The All-Time College Football Wins List

We're continuing our countdown to Florida Atlantic here at Corn Nation, and coming in at #4 is our place on the All-Time College Football Wins List. The list, up to date entering the 2009 season, is below: 
Bob Devaney - the "Bobfather" - started the modern era of success at Nebraska. 
  1. Michigan - 872
  2. Texas - 832
  3. Notre Dame - 831
  4. Nebraska - 817
  5. Ohio State - 808
  6. Penn State - 801
  7. Alabama - 799
  8. Oklahoma - 791
  9. Tennessee - 776
  10. USC - 766

Look at that list for a moment and grasp the concept that a state with a population as low as Nebraska's is anywhere on it, let alone at number four. It's even more impressive when you consider what World War II did to Husker football - so many men entered the service and were sent around the country that it decimated the Husker football program for a very long time. Over the 20-year time span from 1941-1961, Nebraska had only three winning seasons.

Things improved with the appearance of Bob Devaney in 1962, and Nebraska returned to it's winning ways. 

Since 1970, Nebraska has won more games than any other FBS (Div IA) program. 

  1. Nebraska 383
  2. Oklahoma 356
  3. Ohio State 355
  4. Michigan 354
  5. Penn State 346
Throughout Husker history, Nebraska has won 46 conference titles, had 92 All-Americans, three Heisman Trophies and won five national titles (all since 1970). Nebraska's tradition of winning didn't come out of chance. Bob Devaney didn't just happen to show up one day and decide to start winning. Nebraska has a winning football program because the state is committed to it.

2009 will be Nebraska's 120th season of college football, with a total record of 817-337-40 for a .701 all-time winning percentage. Over the entire life of college football, Nebraska is near the top. History, tradition and a commitment to winning on our side. We will bury you.