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Radio Interview - Star 104.5 in Omaha - Talking About Cornhusker Kickoff 2009

I did a radio interview this morning on Star 104.5 - (KSRZ-FM) - in Omaha with Glennboy and Glo regarding the Husker yearbook Cornhusker Kickoff 2009. I'm posting it here because it's not so bad - at least I think I did okay. It was at 7:05 am - and I'm no morning person but I sound more alert than I thought I would.

Some notes about the interview:

- I had some time before the program to look up the radio host's bios and noticed that Glo is a fan of the Decemberists. I recently discovered them as my son had put some of his music on my ipod and I've spent a lot of hours in the car the past few days. We talked about them a little bit before I went on the air.

- They asked me about the "At A Glance" items - and notice how I'm blabbering on a little bit before I actually answer their question. That's because I'm thinking is - "WTF is "At A Glance" and I'm scrambling to remember what that is until it hits me. Morning person, indeed.

- She ask me about the "Top Five" - which is a lead-in question to talk more about the book. Well - Darren from BRN wrote that article and I'm struggling to remember who he listed so I never really answer the question. But it's my chance to plug Corn Nation and Big Red Network at the same time, so I take it. You'd think I'd remember this stuff off the top of my head, but to be honest towards the end of putting it together my brain was broiled... and there's that morning person thing again. 

- It does sound like I said "tase them" instead of "invade them" towards the end. What two states don't have Nebraska season ticket holders? I want to know! Start the planning!

- I got my shots in against Colorado, although I forgot to take one at Missouri. That's okay - I was on the radio a couple weeks ago in Missouri and we equally ripped each other pretty well. I'm sure I'll get my chance again.

- I hate my voice on the radio. Okay, mostly I hate my voice - at least when I'm not yelling at people. Then I kind of like it.

Feedback, welcome!