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Cornflakes has the best fans as well

Some links have been stacking up, so here is the best of what we could find in the Husker wide web.

The Oklahoman's staff came up with an innovative idea during the most recent Big 12 media days. The newspaper polled 29 of the 38 players who attended the proceedings, including at least one player from every team.
Nebraska was voted as the best fans.

"It's weird. It's oh-so weird. When you go up there, you expect to get yelled at and trashed. Next thing you know, they're all talking nice, like 'Have a good game.' Then, after the game, they're like, 'Good game, guys, good game.' It's weird, it throws you for a loop." — a Big 12 North offensive player, on playing in front of Nebraska fans

Quotable II: "Nebraska fans always cheer you on, even though they want you to lose." — a Big 12 North defensive player

Memorial Stadium was voted as the second best as well.

Speaking of lists, In Sporting News' 50 greatest coaches of all time, Tom Osborne of Nebraska was voted 34th best overall.

In killing time before the season starts ESPN decided to downsize college football into 1 super conference-

We'll be drafting the most successful programs in the nation, based on whatever criteria each of us chooses to bring to the situation room. There is no set formula for this. Wins and losses matter most -- and what you've done in the 21st century is more important than what happened in the 1930s -- but fan following and overall prestige count, too. You elites will be formed into four 10-team conferences of our choosing. You will play all nine league opponents every season, with the full round-robin scheduling alleviating the need for an annoying conference championship game. Of your three nonconference games, two must be played against fellow Gordon Gekko Subdivision opponents. Only one game can be played against an opponent from outside the top 40.

Here is where the B12 schools ended up in the draft.
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
12. Nebraska
25. Texas Tech
26. Oklahoma State
37. Missouri
38. Kansas
39. Texas A&M

Lots more after the jump: Sipple's grading scale for the season, Huskers on the CFN's All Freshmen team, QB Lee's cannon of an arm impresses Watson, NU VB player update, Dr. Saturday chimes in on NU being back, and lots more. Come on click the link you know you want to...

Things to watch for as Nebraska heads into preseason camp-
Sipple has these for end of the year grades-

A - Would need to capture the Big 12 North Division and pick up an unexpected victory along the way (i.e., Virginia Tech or Oklahoma).
B - Would need to capture the North and finish with four or fewer losses.
C - A finish along the lines of last season, with no Big 12 North title but a victory in a bowl game or at least a well-played bowl game.
D - Seven wins or fewer.
F - No bowl game.

2009 CFN All-Redshirt Freshman Team - Defense 2 NU players are listed-

DT Baker Steinkuhler, Nebraska – It’s not a matter of "if", but when Steinkuhler will be a force up front in the Big 12. The only five-star player to ever come out of Nebraska, he’s a convert from the offensive side of the ball, who’ll be learning as a backup and a key member of the rotation. At 6-6 and 295 pounds, he’s physically ready to contribute, and has the tenacity, explosiveness, and uncommon agility to eventually become the run-stuffing successor to Ndamukong Suh in the middle.
LB Sean Fisher, Nebraska – The Husker linebackers, in general, have a lot to prove, which means there’ll be no honeymoon period for Fisher. The projected starter at buck linebacker, he showed outstanding growth and development throughout the offseason. An unusually rangy defender at 6-6 and 230 pounds, he can cover a large chunk of the field in a short period of time, and has the size to match up well with tight ends in pass coverage.

Volleyball: 3 ex-Huskers on U.S. team

Former Husker volleyball players Jordan Larson, Nancy Metcalf and Tracy Stalls are on the Team USA roster for the FIVB World Grand Prix that will begin Friday.

Jordan Larson, Tracy Stalls, and Nancy Metcalf - some great players.
We need to pick up coverage of VB this season - if you're interested in writing about VB, please contact us, or just start doing fanposts and we'll promote you.

Who are these four to five true freshmen you speak of, Bo? - Big Red Network

Pelini admitted that there might be four or five incoming freshmen poised to contribute right away in 2009. It's an interesting instance of professed excitement out of the head coach and a fun parlor game to play.

BRN thinks it's:
Brandon Kinnie WR
Dejon Gomes CB
Rex Burkhead RB
Jason Ankrah DE

Anyone else have a name to throw out there?

Pettit headed to hall
Terry Pettit, the man who built the Husker volleyball machine and spawned a gob of coaches around the nation is headed to American Volleyball Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame.

Nebraska players raving about unproven Lee at QB
I have heard quite a bit about this lately, and this quote is very interesting-

Recently, Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson was quoted as saying Lee has the best "arm talent" he’s coached in his 28 years in the profession.

When will we know if Nebraska is 'back'? - Dr. Saturday

But would another 8-4/9-3 season and subsequent bludgeoning in the Big 12 Championship represent a team that's "back" on the national stage? It didn't do the trick in 2006, and I get the feeling we're going to be right back here with an even more hyped, more veteran outfit next year. Matt Hinton

- "Dr Saturday" always has a reasonable look at things, and he does it again here. When will we be back? When we're comfortable. If you're comfortable right now heading into this season, you've drank too much Kool-aid.